Saturday, February 25, 2006

OMG, I found my soulmate on the internet!! by Kim

This is something that I still have a hard time admitting to some people! Its a fact that there is a certain social stigma still attached to this statement. And, If a good friend were to say she was going to meet someone in person from virtual world, I would be like.."uh, I don't think so, there are crazy people out there" or "well you'll go with a chaperone, cell phone, mace and perhaps brass knuckles!" (even though I met my frog prince, not everyone can be soo lucky) No, seriously. you do have to be careful..just as much as you do meeting someone in a bar or out anywhere..(well when you live in USA you do at least)

So, back to my original story..(I mentioned already that I digress alot right?) We started talking online on that day and I think we were online for about 6 hours..(my kids were at Oma & Opa camp at the time for 1 month, so I was a free girl) about half way into talking to him, I suddenly got scared...he had said something like..."I sooo love that too" or something..and I thought...OMG...he could be some murderer, some weirdo, planning to kill me and put me in the freezer, or make a dress out of my skin..eek...or worse...he could actually be my ex husband impersonating a frenchman.....I NEEDED PROOF HE WAS INDEED FRENCH!!....He just laughed and said..i can prove it...I'll show you...I'm like how?? He replied, webcam! So he invited me to his webcam, and I took one look at him...and the feeling of secureness and familiarity was soo strong..and I could not stop from smiling....He showed me a magazine, in french, a page of Este' Lauder..I said...anyone in NYC could get a hold of a magazine in french..what else have you got? So he got some money....and I just said pppff...just admit it you're not he then got his passport and any other paper he could find proving his french identity...(i'll soon as I saw him, I knew I could trust him, but I was having so much fun making him scavenger hunt:) Oh and right after gathering all his proof for me...he took a long sip out of a perrier which I exclaimed.."Oh you're drinking perrier...why didn't you just show me that"

After that we talked for hours and hours. He was moving to Montreal (4 hours from me) in October, and we had decided we would meet. We were both adament about being friends and that there was absolutely no chance that anything could come of this, but we also both agreed and had very strong feelings that we would be in eachothers lives always, somehow! We decided on meeting on 11/11/04. And over the next 3 months, we talked non stop and somehow, even though we had never met...we had a very strong connection...we could read eachothers minds, had the same views on almost was c'est bizarre, non?

During that time..and while we were waiting to meet..I was soo motivated...well duh, nothing like meeting a person for the first time in your life..that you have a huge gigantic crush on like a schoolgirl.....and amazingly, when I was going to church..and it came time for the praying part...I had nothing more to pray for or wish for...having him in my life (virtually) was doing amazing things!!

While we were talking online and seeing him on little guy Cheese, was also interested in talking to the guy on the TV...and Thomas was having fun talking to him....I was telling him, how he was in the stage of asking me what everyting was...and that he was saying to me.."because is NOT an answer" T was saying, he remembered saying that too as a kid, and that If the kids every had any questions...he would be happy to answer them....Well for a 10 and 4 year old....that was awesome...they made it their duty to come up with the most bizarre questions....what is blood made can I make a plane out of a ceiling do plants feed themselves......AND he would answer every single question...So, suddenly the kids were begging to talk to him on the computer...I was utterly amazed!

So 11/11 was coming very quickly...he had already moved to Canada...We were now talking on the phone all the time...and getting more and more attached....And I started to get sooo afraid, that I had made this perfect relationship and that when we met...I might lose it...I was worried, so worried, that we would lose what we had...I was full aware, and had heard many stories of people having this magical thing...then meeting...and it fizzed, flopped, crashed, whatever! But, I figured, everything happens for a reason...If that is what happens..I have to just trust, it was meant to be that way..and try to figure out the lesson, I should have learned from it!

Originally, I was supposed to stay for a long weekend, like 3 days, but the more we talked and the more we connected...I made it for 5 whole days, almost 6!!! I figured, I might as well take a real chance! The couple of days would think I would be freaked out, no? Nope...I was sooo calm and I felt great! I had primped and preened...I even tried to get a bikini wax...(thats a whole other posting)..I felt great and excited to meet the guy I had been dreaming of for that past 3 months!

Stay tuned..



At February 26, 2006, Blogger Samantha said...

It's funny how things work out sometimes, isn't it? I look forward to hearing the rest of your story!

At February 27, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

very cool to know how it all began. :)

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