Wednesday, March 01, 2006

From 7pm on November 10th to 12:05am on November 11th, Kim

Well I've kind of given you the unabridged story of how my life was before, 8/8/04, how it changed after, and I think I got to the point of before my beloved frog and I were going to meet!

I will say, that at this point, we were soo close, closer than I have ever been to anyone, well my God we had honestly talked and talked and talked, more than anyone could ever imagine. I think getting to know someone by just talking to them without meeting them is really special and unique. We truly got to know eachothers mind and emotional self, before our physical self. But, the scary thing was we did not know if our physical selves would connect as much as our intellectual selves. It was a risk we both were willing to take and thanks GOD, the connection we had, was beyond static, it was magnetic!

I will take you to the title of this post. I am sometimes very superstitious, but then will laugh it off, by saying I am just being silly, but honestly, I believe in that crap more than I let on. You'll notice the book on my dresser, 'Move your stuff, change your life', its all about those silly ancient Chinese secrets, its a feng shui book, yes, that's me..I painted my boys room purple, because they were located in the prosperity section of the house....I added hot peppers to a corner in my kitchen..For love and romance..I know..Crazy (uh, sorry..did I mention, I digress, yeah, ok back to the story) I was really insistent on making my first visit 11/11, since we had met online on 8/8, I thought I should keep with the double number theory, Yes, I am sometimes weird like that. I left at 7, thinking I'd arrive around 12am, and get their technically on 11/11, but have a whole extra day there!

While I was driving, we were keeping in touch by cell phone, and when I was seeing the border for Canada, and it said 25 miles...we were soo excited..never mind that I still had another 2 + hours. Now during the time of driving, I was hearing every song imaginable that would fit my feelings at the moment, and when I was touching base with him on the phone, he was saying, do you ever feel like the radio is talking to you, I keep hearing these songs, that fit our situation, (cue, Celine Dion, 'She drove all night, to get to you') I just laughed, I had learned it was just a part of our connection.

He was preparing a soup, as I had heard so often about his wonderful cooking. And he was telling me about while I was driving, he was quite anxious, and had started the soup very early, it had rice in it...the rice drank all the soup..err, casserole. I was laughing the whole way there, when he was saying, ah, the soup is getting a bit thick, and how much longer will you be, the soup has been done for quite a while. At this point, I'm thinking, dear lord what am I in for? I am going to meet someone, by myself, i'm going to stay at his house, and he's making soup, that is now a casserole. But I continued, thank God!

I got into Montreal in record time, but it was before midnight, so i stopped at a gas station to get some gum and go potty. Damn, its still not midnight, I think I am right near his flat. So, I decide to drive straight through the street to pass time, I went pretty far, then turned around, decided I should stop at the signs that were smaller than US stop signs and said Arret. I turned onto the right road, and called him and said, "I think i'm somewhere near your house, what should I do?" he instructed me to wait right there and he would try to find me. I saw him one moment later, and I couldn't believe that this was happening, but I was suddenly super calm and confident. I knew this was going to be wonderful, I don't know how, but this sense of completeness and serenity just came over me. He instructed me to park (after checking my NY state license plates, before he went to the car) helped me with all my bags, commented how many bags I had, smiled at the tri berry pies I had baked (that border control almost took, for their own enjoyment;) and led me into his house.

We ate the casserole and sat and talked for some time on the couch, decided it would be best to get to sleep and start the day tomorrow. It was 3am at least. I changed into my pajamas, which were an old pink outer banks sweatshirt with holes in it, and yoga pants...I know, I bet you thought it'd be some sexy number..hahahahahahhahahahaha, I don't know what I was thinking:) but that's just me :o)

That trip was 5 days of natural bliss, it was like we were a couple that had been apart for a week and had rejoined eachother. Everything was just so much in sync and has remained that way for over a year, our chemistry together is so wonderful, I have to sometimes pinch myself. That whole 5 days, I kept noticing people staring at us, but I thought it was just me, until he mentioned it, and I thought oh my god, people can see this too? We were both glowing and feeling so complete, I never knew this type of love existed. It was the thing I had been so envious of in some of my friends marriages that I never seemed to be able to feel toward my ex. ( i know, its a terrible thing to admit, I have a theory on why I and alot of other people, someday I will blog on that:) If real true love, were a magical key, to get married, and the only way you could do it, is if the love were true and pure, alot of people, wouldn't get the chance or they would wait.. (yes, I am digressing AGAIN, sorry:)

So that is my very long story, probably more than you would be interested in knowing, but I cannot control myself, my book is always open and the chapters are usually long:)

I promise, once the novelty of blogging wears off, the posts will be much shorter and i don't blame anyone for fast forwarding to the last page, or speed reading, as I sometimes do. I'm so happy to have found this blogosphere, just to have a recollection of my memories and to hear what others have experienced as well!


At March 02, 2006, Blogger Antipodeesse said...

Oh this is beautiful! I can't wait to read more!

At March 02, 2006, Blogger James said...

Kim, I got goose bumps reading this post. I know how that is. Sometimes on the radio the most perfect song is playing to fit your situation in life. It's weird, really. I do believe in Feng shui. My partner and I, some books and rented some DVD's about Feng shui and did our apartment in San Francisco according to the Bagua (spelling?). You know the Bagua, the octogan that you superimpose over your living space. Any way, after we did that and cleared the clutter out of our apartment, our lives seemed to run more smoothly...So I know where you're coming from on that issue! I also believe in numerology. The 11/11 and the 8/8 dates..etc...More soon..

At March 02, 2006, Blogger James said...

By the way, where did you find that graphic? I like that. Very cool.

At March 04, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

I think the way you think sometimes too! Great meeting story, so wonderful.

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