Friday, March 17, 2006

I collect Kim

I know, I must sound a bit crazy to most of you after reading the title, but I assure you, read on, I'm not completely nuts! Those of you with sitemeters, can probably relate!

When I was a little kid, every summer we would take a 2 week long driving vacation, to the south, east, north, or out west, we traveled all over the United States from age 7 - 17, every couple of years going to Germany to see family. I loved these trips and for a couple of years my brother, 10 years older than me, would come with us, that was great fun, he would beat the crap out of me in the backseat! Brothers!!!

During these long trips, of course there was no gameboy or portable dvd's. Nooo I had to entertain myself the old fashioned, annoy parents, sing outloud, play I spy, write in my diary, sleep, crossword puzzles, annoy parents some more!

My favorite game that I would play every year was collecting states, I would search and search on the highway, for license plates from different states and shout them out for my mum to write down! Of course I was always missing quite a few, and never once saw one from Hawaii, but I did see one from Alaska! hahah!

Now lately on blogworld and my new discovery of sitemeter, *big giant smile on my face* I have come to play my old game again, and every day, more than once for sure, I check the sitemeter and report to Thomas and the kids, "we had someone from Sri Lanka come today", or "OMG, someone from Dubai was here!" I'm such a fool, I have started writing them down and I will pull up the map and show pickle and cheese, who has visited today!

Here are some of the ones I have collected and I thank everyone for coming and giving me a new state or new country or new town, just so you know, you are making a nice Midwest girl, very very very happy and nostalgic at the same time:)

United Kingdom, France, Germany, Malaysia, Italy, Sweden, USA, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Finland, Korea, Bangladesh, India, United Arab emirates, Netherlands, Brazil, Chile

Those are the ones that I have so far, me and the kids have made it a game, and may get a giant board to keep track, most of the time, they are on for 1 second or 0 seconds, but I don't really care, Its very cool to have a contact with people so far away!


At March 24, 2006, Blogger Riana said...

KIm, I love looking at the different countries that I get on my blog--- I even went so far as to tell my friend stationed in Iraq to check my blog so I could get an Iraqi hit and wouldn't you know, it showed up as Washington, DC---dangit!

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