Monday, March 06, 2006

Is it possible for a frenchman to love a "dumb carpet dog"? by Kim

I remember the first time I told him about my little doggy, Ticky, is his name, he is a maltese/shitzu! He said, "that's not a dog, that is a carpet". Oh great, I thought, he's a typical male that does not like small dogs. In fact, most men don't. (or so they claim) Confronted with the sight or the very idea of them, they tend to respond with threats of graphic and creative violence, or else with shudders of revulsion. And such boyish antics should come as no surprise. After all,they learned back in their formative years that cute stuffed animals and other pretty portable items - like, say, pocketbooks - are for girls. Big dogs are for big boys: mammoth, slobbering beasts that lope after baseballs and conk out in front of the television; man's best friend, acting more or less like our other best friends. Dogs with names like Gunther and Thoreau. Most certainly not Ticky-bear :o)

Well let me tell you, this little carpet on a string, is my frenchmans best friend. He has won his heart and I may even go as far to say, that he may prefer, small dogs! Oh yes, I have witnessed, "small dogs are really great, you can really cuddle and hug them", I have seen this guy hold the dog like a baby, sing and make doggy noises together. He even thinks the dog knows french, well maybe he does, afterall, he used to attack fingers while eating and suddenly he understands "doucement" and will take the treat gently. They play stupid games together, like he will say "come on Ticky, SHOWER" and Ticky will run to his cage. When it is time for Chase to get off the bus, they will both (yes him and the dog) BARK at the window!

This dog is also a pampered pooch while he is visiting, he gets fresh food, all the fat is trimmed off of the meat we eat, and given to the little "carpet dog". He also is massaged and caressed more than me most of the time and he has a special place right at the end of our bed by his feet or next to him..wherever the "carpet dog" desires! I've even said, can you spoon me, instead of the dog??

So the answer to the question, is YES!! It is possible for a guy to love a small dog, once they realize, the poop is smaller, they don't slobber, they normally don't shed, I will admit they usually have "dragon breath" for such small creatures, but they can act just like any big dog. (normally they believe they are just as big)

We are all very sad around here the first few days of our frog being gone, and generally we play the game of 'who is the saddest, who is missing him the most', this time, it was Ticky I think, he was definitely the saddest!


At March 07, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

You little carpet is so cute. :) Great story! And yes that is funny the frog likes him. P is the same way towards dogs, but we don't have one to test him (well at least yet)!

At March 07, 2006, Blogger Deb said...

Your Frenchie should like dogs, most Frenchies do! I have never in my life seen such a dog friendly country (dogs in stores, malls, restaurants, trains) until I came to France!

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