Sunday, March 12, 2006

Le Thomas

The Hundred Years war is over since 1453, but nowaday the battle has shifted on another field. "Le crunch" or the biggest game of the 6 nations Tournament.

I remember watching rugby games France-England since I am a little kid, and since I moved to North America, I have troubles doing so (here it's BLAH football). Thank to TV5, I was able to watch last year, but this year I had to follow it on radio. The two teams were still fighting for the final victory and so it was written to be a good game, a great battle.

The action took place in the "Stade de France" where supporters beat the attendance record (once again rugby proves that it has more supporters than soccer). 80,009 people ready for the big clash between the 2 best nations of the northern hemisphere. I will not discuss the game as probably none of you really understand anything about rugby but in the end, France trashed England, the rooster crushed the rose 31-6 (3 tries to 0). The largest victory ever, and the third victory over England since they claimed the World championship title in 2003 (I was in Australia then and was right there to see the Brit trash the French 24-7).

With Scotland defeat against Ireland and the tie between Italy and Wales, 4 more teams can still mathematically win, but one more victory against Wales, and the title is ours...Allez les bleus!!! (sorry to annoy you with such a post, but there is no one in USA to talk about it and my brother is in the train)

1 France (6pts, 4G, 3W, 0D, 1L, 127F, 69A, 16T, 10C, 9Pg, 0Dg)
2 Ireland (6pts, 4G, 3W, 0D, 1L, 103F, 73A, 9T, 8C, 14Pg, 0Dg)
3 England (4pts, 4G, 2W, 0D, 2L, 96F, 78A, 10T, 8C, 10Pg, 0Dg)
4 Scotland (4pts, 4G, 2W, 0D, 2L, 65F, 71A, 4T, 3C, 12Pg, 1Dg)
5 Wales (3pts, 4G, 1W, 1D, 2L, 64F, 114A, 7T, 5C, 5Pg, 0Dg)
6 Italy (1pts, 4G, 0W, 1D, 3L, 62F, 112A, 4T, 3C, 10Pg, 3Dg)

Match to go
Saturday, 18 March 2006
England v Ireland, 17:30
Italy v Scotland, 13:30
Wales v France, 15:30


At March 13, 2006, Blogger Antipodeesse said...

It's okay, I completely understand!

At March 13, 2006, Anonymous ernestranglin said...

Dommage than you can not see the six nations tournament !
It was a great time indeed ! :)
"Le Yach" is formidable, and the "essai" of Dominici was incredible.
"Big Up" for the blues... :D

At March 13, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Quote from the frenchman "I've got 2 comments! I'm going to write MORE about rugby!"

(quote compliments of silly american who knows nothing about rugby ;)

At March 13, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

I love watching this stuff, especially in a pub and it's sad people in north america don't see such a fun game.

At March 13, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Ooooh expat, now when I ask him, which is your favourite blog, he will respond...Expat traveler of course, she likes rugby:)
He's my rugby loving fool:) I do wish we had it here, though, I bet if they just gave it a chance, people would dig it!

At March 14, 2006, Anonymous Pumpkin said...

We are waiting for the soccer to start..I meant le foot :)
My husband is just a little excited about a repeat possibly happening with France winning it all! I really hope that we do.
My oldest daughter will be here this summer and is way to excited to watch le foot with her Papa again.

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