Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Easter Bunny vs Les Cloches de Paques

The Easter Bunny has been around our lives forever, we sometimes call him "der Osterhase"! I can remember as a kid, seeing him on the farm in Germany, I was so very positive of that sighting, I was 5.

I thought every country celebrated the Easter Bunny! It's funny how you just assume, if it is in Germany and here, that it should be everywhere else too, I mean come on, doesn't everyone know and receive baskets from the Easter Bunny??

Last year, our first year with the frog that hopped into our lives, we found out that in France, they had Bells that delivered the chocolate, they go to the Vatican before Easter, and during that time, you don't hear a single bell in the churches, then on Easter morning they fly over the skies of France and ring their bells, while they are ringing, they are dropping chocolate for the children to hunt!

We told the kids this different tradition, and they were SO excited, wishing that the Bells could come here to USA! Well we found out that we had our very own "superfrenchie" who could deliver such a wish, he put a call into the Bells, and sure enough, they flew all the way over to our little village!

First thing in the morning, the frog and I were armed with bells, jingling them as loud as we could and we had all sorts of European chocolate all over our house! We could hear them in their room, shouting, "the bells, the bells, I hear them!" Cheese was so worried the cat would catch one too!

The kids had so much fun to hunt for them and the look on their faces were so new and exciting, Cheese told everyone he knew that the Bells from France came to our house!!

This year when asked what they would want to do for Easter, they declared, "can the Bells from France come again, please, please?!" So tomorrow, the bells will come a very long way to drop off some chocolate for two little American boys!


At April 16, 2006, Blogger Pam said...

What a lovely story!

Enjoy : )

At April 16, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

wow kim - such a great story. Well the Easter bunny came to our house this morning and dropped off some of the same treats you have in your photo...

It must be so much fun to experience the bells together... Happy Easter! :0)

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