Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The little park! kim

This is the little park, that we went to everyday, it was a short walk from our frog's flat. The kid's loved loved loved this park! To me it was not very impressive, I've seen much better parks! But what they loved, was the frog's undivided attention! I'm invisible, when he is with us, which I love:)

It's music to my ears when they say things like, "Can you do this, that is how Thomas does it" or when they scream with delight and jump all over him, when they cry when we have to leave, all of this is such a blessing to me. I've had it the other way, the dread, when the man of the house came home, the begging to go with me when I was leaving the house, it was hell! I prefer this way, he worries sometimes that my feelings will be hurt, he has no idea, how much I adore seeing these kids soo happy, and to have such a great male reference!! Because I have had it the other way, I am so very appreciative of these 3 guys relationship!! And when they both say, I wish we could move to Montreal forever, I know it is not because they love the city, but because they love the frog in the city!

I will post tomorrow, about our run-in with the notorious montreal garbage men (honestly it was a scene right out of the westside story), the little girl who was telling her mother off, so she could stay in front of our little "cheesanovia" and making googoo eyes at him (honestly this kid is a chick magnet), our findings at the local pool (okay, that may be a bit boring) and any other stories I can remember!

Right now, I am going to bed, after driving home 4 hours, visiting the physical therapist for 1 hour with Pickles, doing the laundry and waiting to see if everyone in my family really did forget my birthday, nahh, it has to be some cruel joke..pppfff!

Au revoir!


At April 13, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Oh kim those were such great photos. Now you will have to post more photos of Montreal because I've yet to go. I'm hoping P will take me there one day since his family lives there.. I'm so glad you guys are happy!

At April 13, 2006, Blogger moe said...

Happy Birthday!

I remember when my 8yo was a baby when hid dad would come home he ONLY wanted his dad. GREAT I say! It is wonderful because for a little while they are attached to someone else's leg. I do want Dad to be the bad cop once in awhile though.
Hey! I'm from the West Island (only a Montrealer will know that's half the island)

At April 14, 2006, Blogger traveller one said...

Your happiness comes through each and every post Kim. I don't know what you went through ;before' but it's wonderful to see your life as it is now.

At April 14, 2006, Blogger Samantha said...

Oh Kim, I just saw on "pardon my french's" blog that it was your birthday! Sorry I missed it, but here's a belated "Happy Birthday" anyways.

And there's similar camps like she's doing in the US - check out the Concordia Language Villages in MN:

I went to the Finnish camp for 10 years, and LOVED it - in fact, I still keep in touch with friends I made there.

The French camp, Lac du Bois, is great, and really well known. There's two options: a regular camp, and also a "voyageurs" one where they spend the time canoeing and camping in the woods. You can go for 1 week or two weeks, or older kids can go for a month and get high school credit. It's really neat - you pick a French name, live in French style houses, play French games, sing French songs, etc. They even use euros as the currency for the canteen. There are also a lot of scholarships available to help pay the tuition fees. Anyways, just something to look into if the kids are interested in learning more French!!

At April 26, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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