Thursday, April 20, 2006

My memememememe from Kimmie @ traveler one

I AM: as naive as they come
I WANT: to change the world, or at least make some people happy
I WISH: life wasn't so complicated at times (my other wish is that the frog could find a job in USA:)
I HATE: people who are fake, who have two sides to them, the real side and the one they present to people
I MISS: my sister
I FEAR: a catastrophe that would separate me from those I love (that was the other kimmies, but scouts honor, that is mine too)
I HEAR: my dog snoring and snorting
I WONDER: what it would be like to live in France
I REGRET: not having the french's way of minding your own business
I AM NOT: good at confrontation, although I am improving
I DANCE: like the daily dancer, haha just kidding! I dance like an 80's girl ;)
I SING: only when no one can hear me, and I sing loudly (that's because my best friend when I was 8, told me, "you're not a very good singer, stop singing" I never sang again in front of anyone, I'm probably not that bad, she was a stinker;)
I CRY: at certain times of the month very easily
I AM NOT ALWAYS: secure with myself, I tend to think I don't deserve happiness, I haven't done enough good in my life to get it.
I MAKE: Great handpainted furniture (well I may be the only one who thinks it's great, it was my therapy during my divorce:)
I WRITE: about everything and nothing! (mostly nothing)
I CONFUSE: the names of my kids sometimes with the names of the animals.."come here, ticky, i mean pickles, i mean dash, i mean cheese!!"
I NEED: to be loved dearly and appreciated
I SHOULD: be more organized and exersize more
I START: a lot of stories, then get lost on tangens, I am the queen of tangens, it's painful for others at times:)
I FINISH: the day with a kiss to my two little favorite boys:) and sometimes more kisses to my frog when he is here!

I enjoyed this meme, it was different:)

I guess I'll tag a couple of people, hmmm. lets see I tag, Expat traveler, Florida to France, Sam de bretagne, Wendy from piece by piece and Corey from Tongue in cheek antiques. Please don't feel obligated to do it, just if you want:)


At April 20, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Very good one! I'll post by tonight or tomorrow.

At April 20, 2006, Blogger wendy said...

I also sing when alone..also have been told not to have a hang up..but really, I don't think I sound too bad....not great..but not terrible...just a bit off-key at times.

Life in France is great..most of the time...winter sucks bigtime but spring, summer and autumn are lovely. Today I stopped at the boulangerie and bought a great big soft warm vienoisserie aux pepited de chocolat blanc and it was heaven..I wolfed it down while driving...can't get pastry like that anywhere else.

I also paint furniture - I love it - love decorating. I wish I owned my apartment so I could really put my mark on it.

Will do the meme tomorrow.

At April 20, 2006, Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Kim, thank you for thinking of me! Nevertheless, I have a hard time doing I always decline...I do not want to be a party pooper :o
I AM: honored that you asked me.
I WANT: to answer some of these to show you that I am willing.
I WISH: I could change bad into good.
I HATE: war.
I HEAR: my husband taking a shower.
I DANCE: I do!!
I FINISH: this by saying thank you and sweet day!

At April 20, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

you guys just make me smile:) all of you!

At April 20, 2006, Anonymous Alison said...

Neat meme! I've never seen it before.

At April 21, 2006, Blogger traveller one said...

Fabulous answers Kim- I think we're soul sisters don't you? My mom told me I couldn't sing so I never let anyone hear me do it- but now I do because I really don't care any more! Singing is FUN!


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