Monday, May 15, 2006

Cheap therapy, when you are going through a divorce....By Kim

Really quick, as I am very tired from my short whirwind weekend with my beloved frog, who I had to bring to the train station, just hours ago, booohoooo!

When I was going through my divorce, (who am I kidding, I'm still going through it, blech!) 3 years ago, I needed desperately to get my mind off of things, before I was sucked into doom and gloom. I could not go out and shop, (needed to eat, dontcha know;) I couldn't even treat myself to a vacation....So I found a cheap hobby to do, and it was oh so fun! I would just sit on the floor and paint, and suddenly feel so much better!

Now I'm not saying that its really great, and my inspirations were usually marked by my mood, or seeing something on TV or maybe looking at decorating books, whatever caught my fancy. The copper colored table with the leaves on the top, was a picture of a rug in some decorating magazine. The purple one, with the diamonds was made for a friend, she had a little box that I used for inspiration. I have another friend who has 3 of my tables, I will try to get pictures of them, just for fun!

I would find the furniture wherever, garage sales, or they were old things I had that I thought suddenly were too boring. I guess I was looking to gussy up my life! My ex liked things to be, plain, no artistic flare was welcome!

I'm not the artist in the family, (you would understand if you saw my stick figures, pathetic!) That would be my sister, she is amazingly talented, but never uses her talent anymore. I can make something look a little different, a little gussied up, a little pretty! It's fun!

The blue table, with the green and blue swirls, I made for the frog for his birthday, the first day I was meeting him. Can you imagine pulling up after driving 4 hours, er it was midnight or after, I'm unloading my stuff, (ALL my stuff, like I was staying for a month) and here I am carrying this painted table, I was really confident, no?? It was my favorite thing I made, and I was thinking, wow, I could keep this, I like it a lot. Never thinking that someday, I will have it in our house together someday! :)

Okay to bed now, I felt guilty for not blogging all weekend, and just spent a bit of time getting caught up with you all, I will have to go back to comment later, I kept wanting to comment, as all of you had such interesting things going on, but I was too tired to make the words come out:o) My weekend was wonderful, just wonderful, I can't explain how life is like a dream when he is here. The boys are already missing him, while we were getting ready, they were making notes to put in his lunch that we prepared for him tomorrow (he won't get in till after 1am, and then up for work at 6am) and I came out and Cheese was crying, but trying to hold it in. He wouldn't/couldn't' tell me what was bothering him, it was a combination of wanting to write so much in his little note and being sad that he was leaving, but he was just sobbing. I felt so bad, he holds onto his leg and cries almost every time! I told him the frog was coming back on Friday, but then regretted saying that, as he is at his dad's till Sunday, and only has a little time with the frog...Sigh* next week T will get to stay till Monday (victorious day in CA:) Okay..Its officially a ramble of thoughts..I must get to bed!!! Goodnight, and well Goodmorning to some of you!


At May 15, 2006, Anonymous Alison said...

I enjoyed this post! Your tables are really cool. I recently got hold of some old wooden stools that I'd stripped when my ex and I were living here. When we moved back to France, I left them with my brother, who stuck them in his garage.

Now I have my stools back, and I want to do something with them. Your photos have inspired me to get on it!

At May 15, 2006, Blogger traveller one said...

Excuse me.. "I'm no artist"?????
But you are!
Come on Kimmy.... say it "I'm an artist"!
Some artist draw stick figures... and others paint wonderful, wild tables!

At May 15, 2006, Blogger buzzgirl said...

I love the tables! Really, you could sell them. Very creative.

At May 15, 2006, Blogger carra said...

Kim you REALLY are an artist and I think if you would find the right market you would make some money! I loved the top one (purple) most it was so crazy! (just like me!) Good to hear, that you had a lovely weekend!

At May 16, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Kim you are a good artist, great tables!.. But at least you have time with T and that is what matters most...

At May 17, 2006, Blogger dela├»do said...

I love these tables!

At May 18, 2006, Blogger b said...

The tables are wonderfu! You really are being rather humble! I can only imagine what mine would look like!

The divorce thing is still haunting me and it has been two years. We didn't have children together but we did have two sweet dogs and he kept them because he kept the house and had the better paying job. I am still struggling with it, probably more now than ever, and I do need something new and creative to do. Working out and writing are my usual outlets but it would be nice to do something new and creative. Your post definitely inspired me to really pursue such. Thanks!

At May 23, 2006, Anonymous Bill Belew said...

Your first picture is amazing. You should consider going into business for yourself. Gift shops always carry similar items, and as far as your pictures show, yours are just as nice. Just something to consider!

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