Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What I saw on the TODAY show...by kim

Spanx are back, footless tights/leggings, with ballet flats, worn with a knee length pencil skirt.

Full length leggings with a full skirt and pumps or slingbacks

Capri leggings, peep toe heels, pencil skirt and tank off the shoulder.

*Cindy Lauper singing, 'Girls just wanna have fun'!*



Honestly, first the pumps came back and pointy (awful) shoes.

And I thought, hmmm, I remember in 6th grade (middle of the 80's) pumps were in for quite a few years, could it be????

Then, I started noticing...Young girls coming in asking about perms..(a sure sign of the 80's coming) and now lately they are asking for more bangs, every time its a little more of a bang, seriously, I kid you not! I'm waiting for them to ask me "how do you get them to be really full?" It'll happen, trust me, it'll happen SOON!

Come on people, It's happening before our eyes, notice the silver and gold purses, the shiney metallics, the sparkle in everything....These signs are sure signs of the 80's! I even bought metallic purple eyeglasses last week, they were soo cool and shiney and have a little rhinestone on the corners, then I realized...omg, OMG, these are so 80's...sigh*

Well I pretend, that I am disturbed by this, but in reality, I kinda liked the 80's:) I'm just laughing at everyone who makes fun of them. It's the same when I was in high school and the 80's were edging out of style, the threat of bell bottoms were becoming imminent, and I was saying "no way in hell, will I wear bell bottoms or even boot cut, NOOO WAY"! Well guess which are my favorite jeans?? DKNY Soho's (boot cut!)

Well just so you know, be prepared, even Victoria Secret catalog, you will notice, in the jean section, yes a majority are still boot cut, wide leg, etc. BUT there are a few that have TAPERED LEGS as well, oh yes! Tapered leg jeans are coming back. I will just have to wait for THAT high school girl that will ask me how to make the tapered leg jeans that she just bought, tighter than they are....AND, I'll have the answer...you make a crease, then fold up two more times....

Oh this was funny, I got an email message from this girl in high school asking me how to achieve the 80's look. Of course when I read it, I was soo excited and eager to help, she was doing it for a school dance, with an 80's theme. She googled 80's big hair or something and got my blog, and emailed me for help. She was asking me the funniest things and I happily answered all that I could!! So little miss Jen, the gig is up, I know that you don't have a high school 80's night, you just want all the tips on how to look like a good 80's girl, to set the new trends in school! HAHA, you are brilliant!!

Well have to go guys, since the TODAY show said leggings were in, I'm going to get my self some Spanx!! (I think that will get me some interesting hits, thats for sure!!) And of course, I'll need some of those cute ballet flats, yayayayyayayayay!!

I just got back from the market and I will tell you right now, I was standing in front of a girl with tapered leg, with a zipper on the side, jeans! Double HA!

Damn how I wish I'd saved my GUESS jeans and that cute frilly jean skirt that I used to wear my pink leggings with the lace on the bottom!!

Who can recall their most favorite outfit from that period?? Tell me, tell us all:)


At May 30, 2006, Blogger buzzgirl said...

God awful! I had a few, but the one I loved the most involved a white mesh top worn over an off the shoulder black tank with a turquoise skirt, white leggings, frilly ankle socks and pink pumps. I wish I was kidding. Damn you Madonna! Damn you Valley Girl!

At May 31, 2006, Blogger b said...

Oh wow...I had some real special looks myself. I definitely had the Guess jeans, white with the tapered leg AND that little side zipper at the bottom, thank you very much! I also rocked leggings with Keds and oversized sweaters that could be dresses. One in particular was a v-neck striped in two hideous colors of purple. Top it off with lots of plastic bangle bracelets and a scrunchie. (We all know what Carrie Bradshaw would say about that!)

Oh and I had the ultra-high bangs sprayed to a nice crisp. Ah, the frightening thought of it all!

At May 31, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

buzzgirl - Oh yeah baby, the frilly socks with pumps! How about movies? Fast times a Ridgemont high..the infamous, Valley girl...hahahha 16 candles, breakfast club?? hahaha, oh yeah, I had the giant cross earrings and the black lace fingerless gloves, and I could thank madonna for that too!

breal - We were soo cool, no?? The freakin Guess jeans were soo expensive!! I loved the plastic bracelets and scrunchies! just the name scrunchie, it's soooo....scrunchie:o) I once had so many plastic bracelets, that my arm stayed wet all day and my mother threatened me with having to cut my arm off, saying I would get gangreen...ewwww, it took me an hour to get them all off, then I switched to tiny silver bangles:)

At May 31, 2006, Blogger hexe said...

High, permed hair with monster bangs (shudder), leggings with an untucked neon yellow button-down shirt with gigantic shoulder pads and the collar up (sigh), and a large white belt slung loosely around my hips . . .I must go hide in shame now.

At May 31, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

hexe - did the neon yellow button down shirt have big neon colored buttons?? ;) I've walked the walk of shame, I've worn it all and talked about it! :)

I remember my other fav outfit, well in 7th grade...grey parachute pants with lots of zippers, a neon pink off the shoulder sweatshirt, and a black lace tank top and black chucks! ayayayay, what was my mother thinking??

I can ony say....please please don't let the shoulder pad come back in style!!

At May 31, 2006, Blogger traveller one said...

**mumbling** ... glad I grew up in the 70's!

At June 01, 2006, Blogger carra said...

OMG so now I'll know how the world looked when I was born?! I can't stand the shoulder pads!!! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing! Seems like I lost something here... OMG what do I do? What's the look for the next season?! 80s! IT's scary!!! Shall I take out Another One Bites To Dust single out?

At June 01, 2006, Blogger christina said...

Well I was already 22 mid-80's so I sort of missed the fashion thing, but I wore my share of shoulder pads and leggings! :-)

Amazing how they can bring the stuff back from them and make it look sort of good.

At June 02, 2006, Blogger La Page Fran├žaise said...

Guess jean jacket, I wore that thing till it shred to pieces. Also the guess jeans with the zipper on the side. Jean miniskirt with footless leggings with the lace and Keds. Double socks: that was a good one, I'd wear a big sweatshirt in one color, leggings in another color, and then layer my socks in both colors. Poofy bangs. Lots of peach and mint colors. Did anyone else wear JimmyZ skirts that wrapped around and fastened with velcro, or was that just a southern California thing? It's fun to reminisce even if...jeez, what were we thinking?!

At June 02, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

carra, yeah thats right you were born then, hahaha, I forget that I could have changed your diapers and babysat you, haha, well get used to the look, you'll be seeing a lot of it:)

kimmie, the 70's were a bit strange too:) well, they all are a bit strange if you think about it:)

christina, just as people were bringing back the 70's and we all love that style now, they will bring back the 80's and we'll love it too, but my question always is, will the 80's style have a new name, like how will they call what they dressed in the years of 2000?? i mean now they have 80's weeks at school and we used to have the 60's or 70's week, but now i'm wondering, will it only be those 3 decades????? hmmmmmmmmmm???

serena, I STILL HAVE THE GUESS JEAN JACKET!!! and pickles is wearing it, he has no idea how cool it is:) that was my prize possession, i loved that thing, everytime i see him wear it, i get a lot nostalgic, and think...that jacket has been places ;) can you imagine wearing 2 pair of socks....well i was at least in chicago, but, california, wearing 2 pair....that must have been very sweaty socks...ahhh, what we do in the name of fashion!!

At June 02, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

I've been hearing that you wear spanx under your jeans so you look like you have a really nice ass...

I also think the long earings are really coming back in along with a few other pieces of funny jewelry.

I think the pegging of the jeans was the worst for me! About 88 to 90...

At June 02, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At June 02, 2006, Blogger La Page Fran├žaise said...

I bet pretty soon we will start to see 90s week at schools. Flannel shirts and doc martens anyone?

Kim: can you send me a picture of the jacket? It will make me feel nostalgic too!

At June 04, 2006, Blogger nikinpos said...

How I lived without hair straighteners is beyond me! I must admit that I do have a small resurfacing urge to buy a pair of black leggings..even if I only wear them around the house, with a bum-covering top!

At June 06, 2006, Blogger carra said...

"carra, yeah thats right you were born then, hahaha, I forget that I could have changed your diapers and babysat you, haha, well get used to the look, you'll be seeing a lot of it:)" Kim, you really don't have to do this ou know....

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