Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On a good note, life is grand...By Kim

So although I was very frustrated in my last post, and trust me...Held a lot back!

We did have a great weekend!!! The frog came on Thursday night, I love our 2 hour drives, just to talk and dream:)

My ex owed me one day, so I collected Cheese on Friday night, so we could go to dinner and a movie, we had hoped to go to the drive in, but the rain did not allow it! Rain rain go away, come again another day! Cheese was SO ecstatic that he got to actually spend time with the frog, as unfortunately he only gets to spend half a day with him, this time we had a bonus and he had almost 3 whole days with him, the kid was more happy than you can imagine, and seeing his little shoulders slump when the frog got on the train, after watching the frog enter the train, sit down, and when the train is out of site will only take his eyes off of it, makes my heart break for him, how is it possible that he has this reaction, but when I tell him his dad won't be taking him for a day, he does the happy for joy dance?? The frog is only someone who has been in our lives for nearly 2 years, his father is not an absent father, he comes when he should, he's never stood him up, but he does nothing with him, he has no relationship I guess. So stressful.....Shit, this was supposed to be a happy post!!!

So let me continue, we ate at this great Thai place..mmmmm it was SO good, and cheap, which is even better, $24 for the 4 of us, and mmm goood! Then we went to see the movie Click, with Adam Sandler, I didn't expect to laugh sooo hard and cry sooo hard, but let me just mention, there was a little pms on my part, so I think I was overly sensitive, but boy I tell you, Pickles and I were wiping our faces and sobbing.

The next day, Saturday the kids played and picnicked at the park with the frog, while I worked, they played soccer and played in the forest for a few hours, they had soo much fun. We then went to a clients graduation party, which was an interesting cultural experience for frog, he was amazed at the spread these people gave for their daughter, granted she was an only child and such a good kid, the parents went all out, complete with these awesome cakes that looked like designer purses, yummy food, (the frog experienced pulled pork sandwiches, he ate 2!!!) and they had a cool fireworks display. The tent was adorned with hot pink tool, and flowers all over in silver containers, pink of course and pink candles all over, it was fun!

On Sunday, we went to our private man made water slide, not many people in our town know about this place, and its right down the road from us, and it's such an amazing place, long ago, over 50 years ago, where the train came into our town, they would drop off crates to be sent down the creek to a plant a few miles down, and they always got caught in this one area somehow, so the owner of the company carved out this man made water slide and covered it with cement, its flat, but the current carries you down on nice moss covered cement. We love this place, but sometimes scary rednecks show up, with all their family, smoking and polluting the air we breathe, so we leave:) Luckily we got a good couple of hours in there too!

That night we watched X-men, because the frog and kids wanted to see the third one, and I kept making excuses, any excuses for not going. I just never could imagine that I could like the X-men, so I agreed to watch the number one, and maybe the number two, but no promises! Well, guess what, I loved them both! Now I cannot wait to see the number three..Who would have guessed!!

Monday it was rainy and crappy, so we left for the train station a little early, planning on seeing X-men. We got a pizza first and asked where the cinema in Brockville was...turns out, it is being built right now as we speak. Damnit, I wanted to see the movie!! The nerve of them!!

We had some time to kill, so we took a nice walk on the harbor. The kids were playing in this fenced in playground area, and we were standing outside of the fence, and the war started!! We found one pine cone and I don't know who started it, me or the frog, but we gathered at least 100 pine cones and were throwing them at the kids. They had plenty of places to retreat and hide behind, it was soo much fun!! Sometimes its so much fun to just forget you are an adult and play like a kid!! The people from the harbor will be scratching their head wondering how on earth so many pine cones could have fallen in their little playground when the trees are all around the play area but not over the play area! :)

So now we are waiting for Friday once again, to get our frog, spend Saturday, then leave Sunday drive all the way to Montreal, stay Monday which he has the day off, go to the super aqua club, oooooh fun! And come home on Tuesday...Someday we will look back on this and wonder how the hell we did all this driving!!

Oh, one funny thing, the frog was giving me a kiss and hug to say goodbye and Cheese turned his head a little and said "Can you make a little boy or a little girl for me?"

On another note, work is going good, it's very very busy and I so wish I had pictures to show you this cool bride that I did on Saturday, she was the neatest person, I'm hoping she sends me photos, as her hair was soo amazing, jet black hair, all sticking up, on top, fanned out, very soft and demure in the front with a loose wave, hair down in the back with a soft bend, and a crystal and red stoned tiara. Apparently her dress was a very straight corset type, with a splash of candy apple red, like in the tiara and we did her make up to look like a geisha..I know this all may sound so strange, but it was very cool!!! Too bad I don't have the pics to prove it huh...mental note, bring camera to work on Saturdays for proof to fellow bloggers:) Oh and we also sprinkled red glitter all over her black hair! Tres chic!

The other wedding updo's that I did was for my friend who her brother in law was marrying the black sheep of the Prada family..*gasp* I wonder how she was ever able to watch the wedding and not the bags and shoes and clothing. From what I heard the devil really does where Prada ;)

Hopefully I'll get a photo of that one too!

This last photo, is why you wear grungy pants to the chutes, although the cement is nice and mossy, it can tear your pants right down to your tushy! OUCH!!!


At June 27, 2006, Blogger b said...

wow...that water slide is so great! i am happy to hear that you had such a nice weekend. you all so deserve it. i'm sorry to hear about issues with Cheese's father. but you really are a tremendous mother and your children discern the difference for sure. hope things continue to go well for you and i look forward to catching up soon. bisous!

At June 28, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

haha - how cute! I love that last photo and the above pics looked like so much fun. I need to find some good place around here like that since we have some good streams and rivers.

Yeah for spending time together... I hope it gets easier and yes you will look back on it because P and I do!

At June 30, 2006, Blogger Pam said...

What a fantastic weekend!

Looking forward to the wedding 'do photos : )

At June 30, 2006, Blogger nikinpos said...

That looks like so much fun! I want one too! BTW, still no babysitter!

At June 30, 2006, Blogger traveller one said...

Oh Kimmy.... you are soooooooo funny and you just have sooooooo much heart. I love you.


At July 06, 2006, Blogger carra said...

I would love to go on that slide. I have been looking at this post for days but haven't thought of a decant comment.. Oh well this will do :)

At July 06, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

breal, thank you so much, what you say is so sweet and I can't wait to catch up! Still waiting for that phone call ;)

expat, the last photo is what happens when you are missing your slide, and boy the hiney is soar for a couple of days! I bet you can find a paradise like this where you are at!

Pam, I am waiting for the girl to send me the photos, i so hope she does, it was really the most "fantasy" type bride, I've ever done, she was so cool!

Nik, I cannot believe you don't have a babysitter, honest to goodness, if I didn't have kids, i'd be there in a heartbeat! I keep mentioning it to my college clientele, but then they say..how do you know her?? and I'm like, oh I don't, I just know her from a blog...and somehow they are looking at me like i have a foot stuck out of my head..hah, good luck though, try calling nanny mcphee!

Kimmie/traveler one, you are soo sweet too! You are the one with the big heart, taking in those cute travelling boys and washing their dirty laundry:) But thank you, i'll take the compliment! :)

Carra, you would love the slide, every adult would, it is soooo much fun! I'll try to figure out how to post a movie of it, so you can see how it really works!!

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