Wednesday, June 21, 2006

She has up and left the kim

Not really, I just changed jobs:) And that is why I have not been able to be lazy and blog as much as I would like these days:)

My new digs, it's hard to see, but its a nice shabby chic, kinda cozy place, very warm and inviting, we always have coffee and herbal tea, iced tea and lemonade, and champagne on weekends. I like it here:)

Summer...Ahhh summer...

Busy as a bee, they say...

I have not been blogging much lately, mainly due to a large change in our schedules and some extra work, plus it's nice out (well it is supposed to be at least;) So what have I been doing these days??

I will tell you:

Composing a letter to all my clients.

Going to Staples a million times in one week.

Buying nice clear labels and almost ripping them to shreds, throwing my mac against the wall and running down the street screaming like a wild women. (Only being able to use 120 of the 300 after getting sick of trying to format the addresses, giving up and cutting them with little scissors and making myself insane, then just handwriting the rest)

Licking 150 envelopes. (Fine I'll admit, I licked 10 and then paid Pickles $2 to do the rest)

Thanks God for self adhesive stamps!

Making lists and lots of lists of what I need to do, and what I need.

Ordering business cards, spending hours online just to order free business cards...I suck at making decisions that should be soo simple.

Spending hours in the color lab, deciding which color line to go with..Goldwell...L'anza...ahhh the choices..(did I mention I suck at making simple decisions??)

After 150 people get their letters, spending hours and hours and hours and hours on the phone, in the grocery store, at the gas station, congratulating me and supporting me for the move and right down to business, what's the gossip, why'd ya leave, yadayada....

Then running into people that I forgot to send a letter to, and explaining why so and so was told but not them..ayayayayya

Trying to come up with a catchy ad, so everyone knows, it's a small town, who am I kidding, they were talking about it at the freakin pancake breakfast. (No really, in our town, on the front page of our newspaper, there was a 2 page article on this girl who moved here from Indiana in her senior year, and how she describes this town as not preppy, but where everyone is very conscious of what they look like, and more girls owning more than 10 Vera Bradley bags..Yes, it's small town breaking news!)

Starting at my new place, with my three girls that I worked with before, Lori, who I adore, Tammy who I like very much, and Sara, well that is a long story and maybe if I ever get the energy to tell that tale, would make a very interesting post.

So as you can see I have been very busy, busy as a bee!

After having one days notice that my pay was changing after 2 years, and being fed up with a certain rednecks (no offense to you nice rednecks of course:) who was not even my boss, but pretended to be. I went home on Saturday June 3rd, and thought, I have to get out of here, I need to find a place now, I want to be in town and ayayay, what to do...called a few places that were for rent, but one was way way way tooo much, and the other way too small and no windows! Waaaaa, what do I do??

Brrrrngg Brrrng...Hey this is Tammy, do you by any chance want to come and rent with us????? Wow, things when they are right, just work, don't they?? I of course said "YES"!

After stressing the whole weekend about how I would get the needed names from my book, just to be sure that I hadn't missed any, but didn't want it to look obvious...I go in on Wednesday, planning on covertly attaining any extra names from my book that I had not written down..and low and behold..Both girls are sick and staying home, I was all by myself, so I was able to write down and check my list off, without spying eyes. When you make a decision and it is the right one, the path just paves itself!

I told my boss on Friday the 9th. I then told her my last day would be the 10th, she wasn't too happy about that, I would have liked it if in this business you could give 2 weeks notice, but the moment that I tell them that I am leaving, I become competition to them and the enemy. It is too difficult when clients rebook, to say, sorry I will not be here, I will be somewhere else but I cannot say...and not to mention, working in a small salon, the tension, especially the tension from the manly women that was a redneck, would be just unbearable and not good for clients. She knows that, its normal in this business.

I started on Wednesday, had a great day, great energy and vibe in this new salon, it's a Bumble and Bumble salon, so all new product and goodies.

Worked all day Thursday and then had Friday and Saturday off to jet off to Montreal to see my frog:)

Pickles and I stayed from Thursday to Monday and had a great time!!

We went to Little Italy to watch the Italy and USA play...and yes, we pretended we were Canadian!! Aye! Wow young Italian girls from Little Italy in Montreal dress like hookers! Almost all of them were dressed like those hooker barbie dolls, BRATZ dolls, and the hair was interesting too, very big!

Then on Sunday we watched the France game against South Korea, and oooh that one shot should have been theres, but oh well.

Went home on Monday, and somehow it took us 6 hours to get home, well I shopped some on the way home, and stopped alot, time was going soo slow!

Worked Tuesday, Wednesday, 10-8, Thursday, 9-7, then driving to get the frog, as he has a nice long weekend, till Monday night! Hooray!

So once things get settled and I don't have to please all these people and I can say no a little more, I will be posting more, but right now, I'm downright exhausted!!

It is 11:46 pm and I still have to pick up the laundry:) oh la la la:)

Everyday I am looking at all your blogs, as that I could not give up, but for me, of course it is more interesting to read about you all then to write about my stuff:)

Maybe someone could gently or harshly remind the frog, that I have many many more posts than him and he could fill in a bit more often;)

OH YEAH, I have also been busy making my kids look like punks, or hoodlums! To bad when they open their mouths they are these uberpolite little gentleman, but they do love the attention they get with their new "do's"


At June 22, 2006, Blogger b said... have been insanely busy! It sounds like your new work situation is a lot better than the previous one. I am so much like you in that regard. When I am miserable with a job and I know that there is nothing I can do to change the situation (short of selling my soul to the bastards!), I get out too. When you consider how much time we spend at work, it isn't worth the misery.

I had to laugh about your address label nightmare. I've been there before...spending hours on ridiculous labels because I can't get the formatting right. Agony!

Well, I know I am not alone in saying that I've missed you so much but I am happy to hear that you are feeling better about your new salon. You are such a great person, you so deserve to work in a pleasant environment where you are appreciated. And even better, you use Bumble and Bumble there...I love that line!

Yes, tell the Frog to post more...his posts are so great and you could use the break!

Alright, my comment is about as long as your post! Happy to hear you are doing well! Gros Bisous!

At June 22, 2006, Blogger b said...

By the way...I love the boys punked out! They are so adorable! :-)

At June 22, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

You are so great breal:) and yes those damn labels, arghhhh!!

I keep meaning everyday to sit down and email ya, so we can catch up, but when I sit, I have soo many other things to do:)

It will slow down soon!

The boys love their cool cuts, they are so funny, marching downtown, waiting for the older kids to tell them, "hey cool cut, kid!" makes their day:)

At June 22, 2006, Anonymous Jillybean said...

It's very exciting that you have a new job! That is crazy how it worked out that you were able to work alone the last day and get your addresses. It's a nice letter too! I hear a few cute kids are doing something exciting!

At June 22, 2006, Blogger Pardon My French said...

Congrats on the job! And, love the mohawks. Tell Pickles I'm waiting on his new blog. :)

At June 22, 2006, Blogger carra said...

You've been busy haven't you? I am sorry I viewed your blog quite a few times but didn't come up with something sensible to say so I said nothing at all!
Anyway congratulations on your new job sounds like you are enjoying yourself already (ignoring the fact that you are ehhausted!). Boys haircuts... I really love them! You know if I was youger and wasn't married oh I better shut up here!

At June 25, 2006, Blogger cncz said...

I changed jobs too which is why it took me soo long to comment but all I an say is congrats. I am really really happy for you!

At July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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