Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is the letter I sent out, just thought some of you might like to read it just for fun!

I am delighted to inform you that I am returning to the village!

I’m looking forward to a new and exciting opportunity at Arabella Salon and
Day Spa, and I would like to invite you to join me in this new endeavor.

Some of you have been my clients and friends for a long time, others only
briefly, and some have come and gone more than once.

A good hairdresser is like a good friend; even if you don’t talk to her for
ages, she welcomes you back with open arms and the friendship resumes where
it left off.

I understand the need for change. Getting a new perspective is a healthy
and natural thing to do. As a client myself, I’ve had many hairdressers who
excelled in different areas and suited my different moods. This makes
perfect sense to me.

If you do not follow me—or if I haven’t seen you in a while—please know that
I don’t have hard feelings. That’s just not my style!

It would be wonderful if you decide to join me, but if you do not, I wish
you the best and hope to see you around other places to catch up on things.
Please know that whenever I can serve you in the future, I would be glad to
pick up where we left off!

Thank you!


At June 22, 2006, Anonymous Alison said...

I think it's a great letter. Somehow I missed your last post about changing jobs, so a belated congratulations! When things fall into place, they fall into place!

At June 22, 2006, Anonymous Jillybean said...

You are just a fantastic writer! Great letter, I hope everyone follows you!

At June 22, 2006, Blogger carra said...

It really is a great letter! I wish I had that magic pencil you used! One little thing while transfering stuff from my pc to the computer I have lost your e-mail address :( I wanted to send you a congratulations on new job card but I couldn't, so maybe please, pretty please you could send me a short message? Anyway I believe that all REAL customers will follow you!

At June 25, 2006, Blogger b said...

very professional and it really conveys your sincerity. i am sure that you will keep a lot of your clients. i love my hairstylist and drive 2 hours to the city to see her. i would easily follow you!!

At July 01, 2006, Blogger cncz said...

that is a really good letter!

At July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

At August 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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