Thursday, July 06, 2006

A camping they will go, a camping they will go....

Whatever will I do?? Both boys are going to sleep a way camp and I will have all this time all to myself....


Party? Pamper myself? Stay up late, sleep in late?

Hmmmm, what will I do??

I'll hopefully get that pedicure I desperately need, I'll get that electrolysis on those 2 hairs on my chin! I will have a chance to blog a bit more, relax and read perhaps, maybe I'll talk my friend into experimenting with microdermabrasion..eeek! I may go horseback riding with another friend, I may eat chocolate cake for dinner and breakfast and lunch, if I want, I will do it!

I can do ANYTHING I want, yayayay!

Guess what I will most likely, work, work! I opened my book up, book me as early as you want (not tooo early though) and book me as late as you want!!

I'll also be very busy, sending parcels everyday to camp. The mailboat, (yes, our lake has a mailboat that delivers the mail to camps aka: mansions and summer homes) leaves everyday by 10am and brings the mail to all the camps (aka. mansions and summer homes) and it also delivers mail to the camp the boys will be attending which just happens to be 10 miles straight down the lake. The mailboat leaves the docks, which are across the street from my house, so very convenient and no excuses not to send goodies to camp. In the past, I have sent fresh chocolate chip cookies or brownies, still warm. A giant container of water baloons, already filled. Popsicles and ice cream. Of course I make the first parcel, a keep yourself fresh and clean parcel, where I include about a dozen stick up deoderizers and hand sanitizers, bug bite sticks and cards for poker. Last year, I brought a little treasure box I found, filled it with crabby patties from sponge bob, and gave it to some random counselor and told them that a camper would be coming up to them and saying, something smells smelly in the the smelly smell. And then I sent Pickles an email that night (camps these days lets you send the campers emails that they give them before bed, so I can virtually tuck them in and tell them I love them) and told him he had to find the counselor with his treasure and in order to do that, he had to go up to each one and say the code...he gave up after 6 counselors and went to the loudspeaker and shouted it or something..haha!

If anyone has any good ideas for me to send them stuff, let me know! I would love the suggestions. I never went to camp as a kid, my biggest regret! So I have no idea what you need or would want, Pickles has gone for about 4 years now, but this is my little Cheese's first year, only 7, gulp! I'll be okay, don't worry and so will he, he has his big brother, so he will be just fine!

Well sorry for not blogging, I know it's not a big loss to not have my everyday posts, but for the few people that check me everyday, I appreciate your comments. Life is so busy right now, and ahem, the frog can post, he just needs some encouraging or prodding. He keeps saying, I'm going to post about that and this and that...and I'm still waiting, I can't wait till he does his culture shock post and the world cup post, which btw, watching him be soo excited when France won the other day, was sooo darned cute, he jumped all over the couches and jumped up and touched the ceiling. If only we had that passion for sports!


At July 07, 2006, Blogger carra said...

I used to be a girl guide and went to quite a few camps, but this seems to be different. Also I was a boring kid and my mum never sent me sweets. She sent me fresh and juicy fruits. I always wanted the sweets as all the other kids... So I would advise to buy send sweets their favourites of course. Ice lolies also sound a brilliant idea. If I'll come up with anything original I will definitely write it here! That e-mail thing is such a wonderful idea! I mean even though you're away they get to know how much you love them!

At July 07, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

carra, well i won't send too many sweets and I actually like the idea of sending them fresh fruits, like I could send a container of watermelon, or some raspberries..those were great ideas:)

At July 07, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

how cool! Yeah for camps and getting some "me" time. Yes I miss your daily posts, but I do think the FROG needs to get in there and post...

And just think, he'll be posting more than likely as soon as we go on vacation!!!

Thomas - POST POST POST... We miss it!!! :)

At July 07, 2006, Blogger b said...

Hi Kim! I am so sorry I wasn't able to call you last weekend. I took a new job and work weekend nights. Things have been hectic for me here as well. I at least owe you a phone call and if we cannot connect that way, I will try to write you a detailed much has been going on!

How exciting for your boys. That camp looks wonderful and I just love that you have that mailboat so close by. I would so love to see that part of upstate looks beautiful. I think it is so incredible that you send the boys stuff daily. You are such a fun mom! Let's see...ideas? Well, you got them cards and don't want to give them too many sweets. Do you have one of those gag gift shops nearby? Once my niece and I got a bunch of stuff like fake moustaches, whoopie cushions, glow sticks, and that kind of stuff.

Glad to hear that you are doing well. Wish I could be out there to keep you company while the boys are gone! Bissous!

At July 08, 2006, Blogger bcinfrance said...

Allez les bleus! We'll be watching from the States -- I'm a little sorry we're missing the experience in France but we're going to try to hoot and holler here!

At July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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