Thursday, November 16, 2006

13 years ago, today...I became a Mother:)

My baby is a teenager!! What a wonderful boy he has been..with the exception of a few growing pains (in my ass that is..) he is the best little (no longer little, wahhhh) boy I could have ever hoped for!

Him and I started our life together, in 1993. I was a single mother, just turned 21 and God blessed me with an easy child!! (twice, actually, they both are soo easy!) This boy is the most compassionate boy you will ever meet..He has the biggest heart ever...I love him to death and my heart normally (with the exception of the recent "pyro" incident, ahem) swells with pride!

When he was 2 he wanted to grow up to be a John Deere tractor, once he figured out, that would be nearly impossible, he decided to become a scientist and that has stuck since then...believe you me, this kid will become a scientist..and when I lecture him about problem...he's got that under control..he will just have an assistant!

When he was about 6, and my ex outlaws were obsessive about saying a prayer before every meal snack or what have you...he asked me, why do they say a prayer?? I told him that some people thank God for their food...then the next month or so, we were driving down the street and the Autumn colors had just popped..and I said "oooh look at all the beautiful colors..doesn't it just look like God just painted each and every single one??" to which my boy said..with a question..."I thought God was the "food guy" you mean he does the colors too???"

In kindergarden he used to "handle" all the kids who had problems, he would walk them down to their special classes if they were afraid..he would talk a kid out of crying or screaming his head off, he would simply say..."Nicholas, I am talking to you...listen TO ME NOW" the kid would listen immediately, probably a bit shocked at another kid speaking to him that way...and Pickles would say "you don't have to cry in kindergarden, it's not a bad place..I'll admit it can be kinda boring at times, but nothing will hurt you here, and if you are sad, just think of going home to your mommy and baking rice krispy treats, and if your mommy won't do that, then my mommy will invite you over to bake them with you".....yeah, he's a special kid!

So today he turns 13, i cannot believe went too quickly..have I snuggled him enough?? have I told him enough that I love him...have I tossled his hair enough or tickled him??? Time flies so quickly and I can't seem to slow it down. Soon he will be off to college...

Tonight is dinner at the japanese steak house...almost every year, we go for his b'day..and the first year when he was 4...and they did the fire trick...over and over he his little boy cutey pie voice..."hey mister, can you do the fire trick again??" pweese??

Happy Birthday Dylan, I love you with all my heart, could ya just stop growing older for a little while??


At November 16, 2006, Blogger Doc said...

Gawd, you're old! (<--bad joke)
Happy birthday pickles! Stop giving your mom such a hard time by growing up so fast.

At November 16, 2006, Blogger Deb said...

What a cutie! Happy B-day to the young man!

It's sounds like you have really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) motherhood. I can't wait to experience that! =o)

At November 16, 2006, Blogger Samantha said...

Bon anniversaire from me too!

At November 16, 2006, Anonymous Alison said...

Happy Birthday, Dylan!

At November 17, 2006, Blogger Pam said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Dylan!

You are an awesome guy!

At November 17, 2006, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

oh wow! Happy bday to pickles!!

I'd imagine that if I had a kid like I wanted back then, mine would be the same age!

At November 21, 2006, Blogger Egan said...

Congrats on having a teenage boy! The fun is just beginning. Please tell me he's not shaving yet.

At November 21, 2006, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Thank you everyone!! He so loves to check to see if he has another comment or wish!! Nah he's not shaving...he is definately a PRE pubescent teenager so voice change..well maybe the slightest one...:)

At November 22, 2006, Blogger Egan said...

My voice still cracks as if I'm 13 and I'm twenty years older than your son. A plus tard de Seattle!

At November 24, 2006, Blogger christina said...

I'm way late on this but Happy Birthday, Pickles! Hope you enjoy being a teenager.

Our oldest turned 13 in February. I can't believe how fast they grow.

At November 27, 2006, Blogger Riana said...

Happy BIRTH.... day! Enjoy!!


At November 28, 2006, Anonymous Maryam in Marrakesh said...

What a beautiful post. I actually got a little teary reading it. I just loved all the details about him and he sounds like the sweetest, kindest boy. You should be so proud. Please wish him a very happy birthday for me here in Marrakesh


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