Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mid-winter break in Montreal....by kim

The musical entertainement at Dragon Rouge!
The kiss from Delphine...hmmm maybe this is why they are so keen to return...

The boy's and I will be driving the 4 hours to Montreal in less than 11 days! We have not seen our frog for almost 2 weeks, and judging by the weather forecast, we won't see him this weekend either. He just won't allow me to drive in horrible weather and he must insist, because he knows I will be stubborn about that. "Bumping" into a deer a couple of weeks ago, has me regretfully allowing him to insist...blech, winter, blech blech!

We will arrive on the night of the 16th and stay until the morning of the 21st. We love visiting Montreal. It's a great city! We have been to the biodome, insectarium and the science museum, 2 years in a row, so I think we will visit the museum of natural history and/or maybe an art museum.

We went last year to a fabulous restaurant called the Dragone rouge, a very small privately owned themed place. It was so much fun, although we couldn't understand much, the kids loved it and have requested to take another visit! Our waitress "Delphiiiiine" who told the kids to call her when they needed her, was so entertaining. When Pickles asked if he could take a picture of her, she said in a very french/canadian accent, "vell, I don't know, vill it hurt?" and he said, noooo! So when he took the picture, she screamed from the flash "ahhhh you are a wizard, that hurt my eyes, you lied, ahhhhh, it hurts" to which of course, Pickles and Cheese loved! They want to wear costumes this year, oh that would really get them going!

Winter is so hard, the weekends that we can't see eachother are the pits. Hopefully someday in the near future we can get all the loose ends tied up and then be together for good:) We are both tired of the driving back and forth and the border control people just don't make me laugh like they used to;)

On another note, we are trying to plan our vacation during summer...we like to camp and we want to be near the ocean! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! It would be best to be within a days drive of wherever we go, from the Syracuse area! Last year we camped Maine, and found in late August, it rains alot in Maine:) So if anyone knows anything about the Jersey shore beaches, or Virginia beaches or even Delaware, let me know! We are considering driving to Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, so we don't mind if its a little out of the way!!


At February 06, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Make sure that Chase gets his Knight's costume, That could be fun

At February 08, 2007, Blogger egan said...

"Salut Delphine, je m'appele Egan. Ca va?"

At February 08, 2007, Blogger the fabulous adventures of sarah said...

Chincoteague Island in Virginia is a pretty and intersting spot. You can even camp right on Assateague Isand - with the right permits.

Portsmouth, NH is another great spot. And of course I prefer Portland, Maine...

Have fun!

At February 08, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Finally someone gave me some ideas for vacation!!

Sarah, I'm so glad you mentioned Chincoteague Island, that is one of them I was considering, but forgot the name! How were the beaches?? :) Thank you so much!

Egan, I don't think that Delphine can hear you, but I will be sure to pass on your message:)

At February 08, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

did someone just mention Maine??? I am NOT camping there again... NO, NO and NO


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