Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SHHHH, don't nobody tell....by kim

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It is a surprise!! How many want to bet I can keep it a secret till March 14th?? Let it be known...I am a horrible secret keeper!!

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it:)

Oh yes and Happy Valentines Day:)


At February 14, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

You'll blow it up - Dylan will figure it out... Either that or youknowwho will tell Cheese just to spoil the surprise

At February 14, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Hey you Mr. Pessimistic...remember that i once surprised you and you had no clue!!! hahahah i can do it, so zip your mouth:)

Happy Valentines day, I love you so much my froggy!

At February 14, 2007, Blogger b said...

Haha...I think this is so adorable...that you are "talking" to each other via comments on your own blog! Adorable!! :-)

So, what is this secret?!?! It appears to refer to a fabulous cruise vacation?! Ooohh...I hope so...and I hope both of you are a part of that!

At February 14, 2007, Blogger Doc said...

take me take me

At February 14, 2007, Blogger Kim and Victoria said...

I hope you go on a cruise.......sounds romantic! Take lots of pics to share.

At February 14, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

I soo wish the frog could join us, but he just spent two weeks of his vacation time with us at xmas:( it will be fun with just my mom, I haven't had a vacation with her since....our last trip to Germany!! We travel well together, so it will be fun!

Someday thomas and I will be frolicking in the clear blue turquoise water...i wish i was going to see it for the first time with him, but being with the boys and experiencing it will be just as fun:)


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