Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Only one more day...by kim

Okay, so blogging is almost non-existent for me, but really, my excuse that I will be using for today is: I could not log on with my new stupid google account..Really why did they change it?? Why do people change things that are not in fact broken??? I couldn't even leave comments, only on type pad or other bloggers.

Well anyway, that is my excuse, and yes, I know it is a bad one, because once I sat down and tried more than just once...hehe, it worked:)

So, tomorrow is the big day...The big day for the boys! They have no clue we are going on a Disney cruise!! And I have been fantasizing about how I want the day to go:) Well first let me tell you how oblivious these two kids of mine are...I have been shopping for summer clothes for them for 1 month...I have bought sandals, swimsuits, spring coats, shorts, etc...and made them try them all on...only once did Cheese say..."Tell me again, why I am trying on swimsuits in the middle of winter?" to which I replied "Well, duh, don't you see everywhere we go...SALE SALE SALE...This is the time when smart people buy their summer clothes, when all the sales are on!" and you see, because they see the signs for SALES, they believe me!! Nevermind that they are sales on winter items, they are boys, they don't notice!!!

I will pick them up from school at 3pm. I will tell them, "I have a surprise for you, we are not going home, Oma really misses you, and she made Opa get on the computer and get airline tickets to come see her!!" (she lives in Chicago, so based on the last month of boy oblivion, I am pretty damn sure, they will think we are flying to Chi-town!)

We take a connecting flight to JFK first, so when they ask, why we are going there...I will say, we have a lot of connecting flights...the next one is Orlando and then we see Oma!! It is just how it is, I will explain, getting tickets at the last minute, you have to take lots of connecting flights!! Trust me, they will believe me, and actually I am not lying at all...My mom will be there in Orlando waiting for us off the flight, so we will go to Orlando and then to see Oma!!

I have a pretty busy day Wednesday, I have to take the dog to get groomed, get a pedicure, get a massage and pack...oh yeah, and run through the house to pick it up, so we come home to a clean house...No problem I have all day:)

I may ask my good friend to be a guest blogger, she is really creative and already has a blog in this area for a local city internet page. I will see her tomorrow for my massage:) she is my friend the massage therapist, who uses crystals on my back to make it feel better:) Yes, I will ask her to do this, she'll probably blog way more than I have been lately and as a bonus, she is way more interesting in her theories (not that I have any theories at all on this blog, that is the frog with the theories, me I am just fluff!;) than I am! Now if I could just get someone to clean my house, I'd be really happy:)


At March 13, 2007, Blogger hexe said...

Have fun!

At March 13, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

It's so funny, I even was talking to them about what would be the best surprise in the world for them...cheese was saying, it would be so awesome to go to bed in his own bed, but then in the middle of the night, we move him in his sleep and take him someplace like France, and he wakes up somewhere else, he thought that would be cool:) Pickles says it has been his lifelong dream, you know since he was 4, to have a surprise party..(gotta work on that one;) So i was saying how the scenario would work out tomorrow, and saying that that would be my dream...they were like ooo yeah, that would be awesome!! (and I was laughing, muah hahahha)

At March 13, 2007, Blogger Julie said...

Oh, you are a sneaky mom! lol

At March 14, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

This is so funny, I told Cheese....let's put your hawaiin shirt on, and when I pick you up from school, i will take you on a tropical vacation!! He just giggled and said, Okay:) (he has no clue!)

This is fun, but how will i ever top this one??

At March 14, 2007, Blogger Antipodeesse said...

I just can't wait to hear how they react when they learn the truth!

At March 14, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Thanks Hexe, don't ya want to meet us at Universal??

Julie, I love to be sneaky:) My frog brought that out in me, big time!

Antipo...I will try to put a video of how they react when it's all over, if I could figure that out;)

At March 15, 2007, Blogger b said...

Oh, Kim...this is so exciting. I cannot wait to hear how it all went. This will be something the boys never forget. I've said it many times and this surely won't be the last time...you are a great mother!!!!!

At March 16, 2007, Anonymous tongue in cheek said...

Hello You!!

Have a wonderful time! What a great gift to give your children, what a joyous surprise!!

At March 20, 2007, Blogger Kim and Victoria ----- said...

Can't wait to hear about the vacation!

At March 28, 2007, Blogger Betty C. said...

I had a few log-in problems at first too. BTW, when you're commenting, make sure your sign-in as a Google Blogger is checked. Sometimes out of habit you may sign in as a Blogger blogger, and then you lose your comment. I'm not sure how to explain this because it seems to depend on whose site you're one.

I think it's a pain to have to type a whole email address instead of just a pseudonym, but otherwise I like new Blogger.


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