Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The next American Idol? kim

Well I always say, my son has no problem with his confidence!!!


At April 26, 2007, Blogger b said...

with moves like that, why should he have confidence problems?! the boy can dance AND croon! :)

At April 27, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Hahahaha...I was thinking of making the title...Guird your loins, he's gonna sing..haha

no really, he is like me, can't carry a tune...but he doesn't care, he'll do it just for a laugh! :) gotta love that kid!

At April 27, 2007, Blogger b said...

that's so great. the video was fun to watch! hey, you both have me beat. i have absolutely no qualms about embarrasing myself but i refuse to sing...for the sake of others! truly, it's that bad. :)

At April 30, 2007, Blogger Kim and Victoria said...

I would have had to bribe my kids to do a video like that. He's great!


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