Monday, May 14, 2007

The bond of kim

When I asked Pickles if he wanted to walk over to his brothers school to pick him up and then walk into town to the library to meet me, I was not surprised that he was happy and eager to do it...He loves getting these types of responsibilities and takes them very seriously!

As I was driving to the library, I saw them walking...Hand in hand!! At this point they had walked about 3 blocks from the school, I'm sure passing many friends of each of them...They could have gotten teased...BUT it wouldn't matter! Pickles is very protective of his brother, I see that often, but I just assumed it was because he thought I was watching. They had no idea I would be driving by them and seeing them holding hands, to them it was just normal. They love each other! They have always been wonderful, caring brothers. And they get plenty of lectures about the bond of brotherhood from the frog...(some that have me weeping and them hugging each other tightly, the frog is very very close to his little frog:) I love this photo, seeing them without them seeing me:) Seeing them how they are when I am not watching:) THIS makes me proud!
And this makes my heart warm and fuzzy, when they saw me, they dropped hands and ran to see me:) Being a Mother is wonderful!

I have people that ask me, you can leave your boys home together? AND they don't kill each other...I thought that was SO weird...They have never fought, they don't have any jealousy..they are always thinking of each other...I hope their bond is as tight when they are adults as it is now:)


At May 14, 2007, Blogger b said...

That is so sweet, Kim! I keep telling you this but it is so true...your influence (and no doubt Thomas') really makes them better people..such sweet and loyal little men. Your heart has to feel quite full these days. It is proof that when you follow your heart and give so willingly to comes back quite powerfully. Tear. :)

At May 15, 2007, Blogger Samantha said...

I agree with b, you have two fabulous boys (and a wonderful frog)!

At May 15, 2007, Blogger Doc said...

That's how Muppet and Piglet are for the moment, so much love between the two of them. I only hope it continues and that they are able to find the same thing with the new arrival when she gets here - oh please let it be soon!

At May 15, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

Doc, you just simply have to take it no other way, in our house, we share everything, if there has ever been an issue of..."that's mine, he can't play with it" I will say.."oh yeah, well the tv is mine, and the food in the fridge is mine..." and they very quickly stop the nonsense...It's been really easy with them, I haven't had to do anything, they just love eachother so much at this point!

b & sam, thank you! they are quite fabulous:)

At May 15, 2007, Blogger Pam said...

Wow! No doubt at all that their brotherhood bond will continue to deepen as the years roll on. Kudos to you for nurturing the family to such a marvelous place of respect and love.

At May 15, 2007, Blogger Julie said...

What a lucky Mother!

At May 17, 2007, Blogger susan d said...

It just gets better!


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