Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Mother's day to remember!

My Mother's day was so fantastic! I just love these three guys! They put their brains together and made my day so memorable!

First of all, let me say..without knowing it...I slept until almost noon!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it...I thought the frog was next to me the whole time, when in fact he woke up very early with the kids and they all went to the store, to get some items they needed for b'fast and let me sleep in...Picture a totally quiet, dark house...just cool enough for the sleep to be so comfy and cozy...

They came in to wake me up and bring me to the deck...where I had this waiting for me!! Can you imagine, never have I ever been so surprised! Actually that is not entirely true, just yesterday they surprised me completely with flowers in beautiful wrought iron boxes to hook onto the deck...They took me in the house, covered my eyes and brought me to my deck..that was normally, just empty...and they girlied it up for me:) They are soooo wonderful! I can now enjoy my breakfasts and dinners with my 3 most favorite boys in the world! Ahhh, life is good! Happiness is Bliss!

Second I would like to say...

Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful Mothers!! I was blogging in my mind about making links to each one, but that would take all day, as everyday I cruise the blogosphere, I come across more and more wonderful Mothers! Just a few that I think are special are:

Kim - Someone that reminds me of my own mom!
Antipo - I wish I had her wit and creative ideas for what she does with her kids!
Doc - I admire her strength and the funny twists she puts on situations!
Wendz - A mother who doesn't realize just how great she really is!
Mausi -A sweet kind mutti, that I wish was related to me somehow!
Buzzgirl -A single mom, that deserves every bit of good in this world, oh and a hot french b/f:)
Jessica - Someone I know would be a good friend if she lived around here!
Deb - The cutest new mommy, who has been waiting for this little baby, since I began reading her blog:)
Pam - A wonderful spirit and I bet her girls would tell me, the most wonderful special mom!
Riana - Another wonderful new mum, that amazes me everytime I open her blog as to what she is making these days!
Nik - Someone who has fun with her life and daughter and handsome husband
Chris - Another mom who is witty, funny and makes me wish I had her writing talent!
Corey - Someone who is just beyond special in a spiritual way, that everyone should strive for!
Aimee - One of the other new mommies that are going to raise wonderful smart happy children
Ali - A beautiful mom, with such talent and spunk, that when she is with her kids, I bet the world stops for all of them!
Marion - A very cool and hip mom, that if I only had a smidgen of her decorating talent..I'd be happy!

I know that there are soo many out there that I have not mentioned and honestly I could go on and on...

Just reading about you and your families and the way you handle life, in the little glimpse I see...I admire each and every one of you! You are truly special people!

And for Jen Sam, Jenand B...One day, I cannot wait to read about your families, I know that when that time comes, you will all make wonderful mothers!

To everyone else that I did not mention, Have a wonderful day yourself and enjoy your families! Everyone is special when they are a MOM:)


At May 13, 2007, Blogger buzzgirl said...

I'm glad you had a great day. Thank you so much for the best wishes!

At May 14, 2007, Blogger Antipodeesse said...

Well thank you for the lovely compliments Kim! I can say the exact same thing about you!

At May 14, 2007, Blogger b said... sweet of the boys. I'm glad you had such a wonderful so deserve it. And thank you for the kind words. I too hope I have the opportunity to have children one day and I will look upon positive examples such as yourself for guidance!

BTW...lovely patio and view! I wish I lived close by...I would so love to enjoy a couple of cocktails (or coffee!) out there with you! The boys did a great job with the flowers. And it looks like crêpes?! Yum! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

At May 14, 2007, Blogger Samantha said...

Aww, they are just so sweet.

And I agree with b, what a great view!

At May 14, 2007, Blogger Doc said...

aw shucks kim, thanks!
glad you had such a lovely day. Hope all the rest takes care of itself soon--you deserve it.

At May 14, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

you are all very welcome! I think you are all just the greatest mothers in your own special ways! We could all learn alot from eachother, and with the blog community, I think that is just great!

At May 14, 2007, Anonymous Jessica said...

Thanks Kim! I just read this a day late. Happy belated mother's day to you as well! Take care!


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