Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Elections.... Again

This weekend, France will have to vote... again.. This time for the National Assembly (or basically the government). Being an expat I do not have to go vote. My mum will vote for me. I didn't tell her who to vote for though, so I am not sure how this will work (not that it matters since I know she wont vote much differently than me on the first turn anyway).

Anyway, even though I don't vote I still follow the campaign, and I am so surprised how we do not have any choice. I mean let's be serious, on one side you have the party supporting the president. He was just elected, and French do not like to have a weak president, so chances are they will give him a clear majority. On the other side the opposition or socialist party... They are already saying that they want to be a strong opposition, IE they know they will lose. I agree with them when they say they will lose... I mean, their program was already very thin during the presidential election, but for these elections, this is even poorer... their main argument: Vote for us because we cannot give the absolute power to the president! vote for us because we need to be a strong opposition! vote for us because...because... oh yeah I forgot, because Sarkozy is evil...

I said it before, I will say it again... the socialist party did not do its homework for 5 years and have nothing to say at this point... Maybe in 5 years? Anyway... I do not know if Bayrou's party will be a big force but I am thinking it might be an interesting bet to make sure that our president stay open-minded... But once again, We cut our king's head to replace it by a president (just in name though), so will the French people want a half king ruling them, I am not so sure.


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