Monday, June 18, 2007

Friday night bonfire...thats what we have been kim


At June 18, 2007, Blogger b said...

Gotta love bonfires. So great to see a pic of you and Thomas together...such a beautiful couple! Glad to see that you are enjoying the summer weather. :)

At June 18, 2007, Blogger susan d said...

My boys love fire. That's universal I guess!

At June 19, 2007, Blogger Kim and Victoria said...

Looks like you're doing this at home? We're planning a firepit in the back garden this summer.

At June 19, 2007, Blogger Kim/Thomas said...

b, well thomas took my favorite picture off...he doesn't want his fun crazed look allover the internet..booo..he looked soo cute all crazy and stuff:) the boys had a great time with the fire!

susan d, what is it with boys and fire??? they do love it, that is for sure!

kim and victoria, we are doing this at home, we have one of those self contained fire things...very parents have this big steel circle that also works well, and my father had things carved out of it, so in the shadows you see bears and different's very cool!


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