Monday, June 25, 2007

little boys don't kim

Cheese had his first sleepover!

I have time to post..because it is a little after 6am...

It's funny how kids are different...

Pickles friends would have been quiet after the first time I told them, Pickles would have made them! Cheese and his little buddies, informed us at 1am, that they would "try" to go to sleep, but no promises...Luckily, they fell asleep! And woke up before 6am...loudly, talking louder than they normally do:) They are 8, so they keep forgetting...They are only 8..."can't help it"! They are really cute, it's a good thing too, cause they are also loud! They walk loud, they drop the toilet seat really loud, they talk loud...did I mention they talk loud? It's because, it's bright out, that makes their voices louder...their voices have been quiet for so many hours, they just can't stop how loud they are! Funny kids...ahhh, they go home at's 7:37am...I'm making waffles, they are now outside being loud, but for only a few minutes...they just ate cannoli's....which, yes, I know, will only make them louder!!!

I will post some they are up full swing and I am putting my entertaining and teacher hat on...lower your voices...lets do this and that and this....boy they are busyyyyyyy!!


At June 25, 2007, Blogger b said...

Awww...cuties! And apparently, LOUD cuties. There are some kids about Cheese's age that live around me. They are home for the summer now and sometimes during the day they run back and forth and I cannot believe how loud they are...even when my windows are closed! But yes, they are 8 and they have an insane amount of energy, don't they?! At least you are looking at it with compassion. Sometimes as adults, we tend to forget what it was like being that age.

Great photos, as usual. How sweet...did they really sleep indoors in the tent? I loved that kind of stuff when I was that age!


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