Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My hands HURTTTTTT!!!!

My garage is totally full of stuff! I have shopped till I dropped!!!! Ikea has come, crate and barrel has delivered goodies, Target has seen me, and Pier one too....I have never shopped so much in my life....I take soo long to make a decision...deliberate, question's driving me mad!!

Here is the space, as I entered it Wednesday during the day, my friend still had a few things to take out of there!
Seeee how much my hand is hurting???? OUCH...I will chooose a better, more softer grip for the paint roller next time....
The ceilings are really super I only painted where I could reach...I will do the upper part tomorrow...and finish the front tomorrow...
Yes I painted i did not try to make smiley faces:) Those are parts that I have to spackle....i lost my putty knife, so had to skip the spackle duties, until I get a new putty knife...I didn't let that slow me down!
The color btw, is sarsaparilla...the turquoise is called sea breeze...and the green is chartreuse....don't will all come together nicely:)
Things are changing...very's fun...and scary...all at the same time!!!

I need ideas ideas...things I can download for my ipod and docking station:) please give me all your favorite artists that would be good for a salon atmosphere...any language..i want diversity...

ALSO....and ideas for a postcard to be sent out??? I want it to be for my existing clients and new people like an intro card, that is semi personal??? I soo need help with that...I was thinking of somehow mentioning...what bijou means...and then going into....that is the i say...introducing blablabla...or have you heard a new place is coming??? SIGH, this is harder than shopping:)


At August 16, 2007, Anonymous Alison said...

For your cards, you might try MOO cards. They have mini-cards and notecards, and they are beautiful.

Check for the different possibilities.

As for music...I might try streaming internet radio...there are tons of stations out there, and you can find a lot via iTunes.

Your place is going to look GREAT!

At August 16, 2007, Blogger susan d said...

I think Madretz has wonderful scrapbooking ideas. You could tell the story in a scrapbook montage postcard on one side, grand opening/open house date, address, time on the other side.

At August 27, 2007, Blogger b said...

If you are still looking for ideas for a postcard, I have a good friend who is a graphic designer. He just showed me postcard announcements he made for his brother's new baby and they are incredible! He could probably do the same for you pretty easily if he had the basic information you want on them and an overall design direction.

I'll also email you with some of my music ideas too!


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