Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sh@$! in your plate

I love food, I mean I really love good food. But I really am amazed about what we are eating

Beef with growth hormones: or why wait for Mother Nature to do its job when you can just accelerate the process
Milk with growth hormones: same... more hormones= more milk production
Chicken "cleaned" with Chlorine dioxide: No comments, I mean seriously, I know Americans are scared of chickens but...
GMO corn, soya... people have been eating these for more than 10 years in the US without knowing. I guess it is better than with pesticides, but then again
Extra salt in process food: luckily I avoid these, but hey, put a bit more salt than needed and your product becomes heavier with water absorption (since you pay by weight...) not too good for the heart. Look at your labels.. salt is everywhere, even in sweet food.
Until it was "banned" not so long ago: Shortenings.
For the ones loving Diet food. you got the aspartame that turns into methanol and phenylalanine
And let's talk about the Natural flavors. I mean obviously no one wants artificial flavors so you take your milkshake with natural your strawberry flavor it tastes like real strawberry you say? try some kind of australian wood with alcohol and some secret ingredient, I mean wood is natural... 

When you think about all the things that we have not found out about yet, you imagine what we must be eating? I once asked one of Kim's friends who is a doctor about this and she replied, "I am more concerned about foreign policy".  Oh well, I guess no one really cares about what we eat. I am starting to wonder if Bio is as Bio as it is.

And they want to make us believe that we will all live till 100 years old

For info:
Nestle: $9.7 billions profit in 2007
Kraft: $2.6 billions
Danone: $6.1 billions

Monsanto: $689 millions in 2006


At April 17, 2008, Blogger b said...

It is disgusting when your really consider what is in our food and how it is processed. I think all of that has so much to do with health problems. And while we can seek out information to help us make better food choices, sometimes the information is false or not available. Scary indeed.

On a happier note, I have missed you and hope all is well with you, the Frog, and the boys!

At April 20, 2008, Anonymous OLED said...

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