Thursday, April 17, 2008

Winter is over.. spring always comes with some surprises

Finally winter is over. The weather has been very nice, and with the business turning good the year started really great. We even planned our summer vacation... This year will be Cape Cod.

Another family project is to make a little vegetable garden. We have the best spot. Asked our landlord if it was ok with him... On saturday , he even showed me how to use his rototiller. So Sunday we went shopping.. landscaping wood and other material to make the best raised garden. Dylan and Thomas spent the entire day working. They were sooo sore. Perfect you would say.

Well what started perfectly ended up in nightmare... ok nightmare is not the word, but the ending isnt so happy. Sunday night, while we were cooking dinner, our landlord comes and tells us this little story:

So basically, he has 3 houses. The one we live in, where his mom lives downstairs from us. The one he lives in and is trying to sell for about a year now. and the one right next to our house that he bought to move in when selling his current house. So the discussion was roughly about the fact that he actually started to rent his to-be house with a year lease started 1st of june this year. BUT he was still trying to sell his house. The market is so low though that chances are that he wouldnt sell anyway at the price it is listed. Instead he was going to try to rent it until it sells... and if you have followed well, you probably already guessed where he is going. Current house for sell/rent, to-be house for rent for a year... I really wonder where he is planning on living with his family... Oh wait, why not tell Kim and her little family that well... if his house happens to rent.. could be tomorrow, could be in months, could not happen... well she would have two months to move out.

In a way this is his house, so there is nothing much we can say about it... but why didnt he tell us so before we actually spend so much money and time on that garden. All I can say is that as much as I thought he was a very nice person. I lost total respect in him... Oh and obviously... summer vacation are on hold (we just made the reservation 4 days ago... with a non refundable deposit)


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