Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cape Cod here they come...I'll be there in one week!

The kids and frog are off to Cape cod for two weeks..I will join them next week!

It was a bit of a stressful start, last night while we were packing and trying to get the soft roof rack on top of the frogs little tiny car, almost a cooper, but not quite...the guy from the camping store said it would fit on his car...well we were stupid to actually believe it and not check for sure....IT DID NOT FIT....okay plan B....leave a couple kids home?...plan C...take my mini van....okay seems reasonable enough...well the little car is a stick and I am not insured, so then there is the problem of how, next Saturday will I drive all the way to Cape Cod???

It was just crazy...each option was getting worse and rent a car for me, would have been over $2.20 PER mile....for a one use a car and drop it off the next day, it was almost $ I checked the train...although not completely efficient like in Europe...they can pick me up in Providence, RI and its' a little over $ that is the plan, I packed everything up with them, they drove the mini van and I get to NOT have to drive 7 hours bymyself!! A little angel is watching over me all the time:) I'm soo lucky! NOW I JUST HAVE TO FIND MY PETITE ANGLAISE BOOK THAT HAS BEEN PACKED UP!!!!

So this week for me will be "oh so quiet"...but exciting...well exciting for me people, I don't get out that often....I'm going out tomorrow with my neice, who will be moving away for the school year, so we are having a real bonafide girls night out....either sushi or french food, I will let her decide:) then off to a movie....MAMMA MIA! for the 2nd time........I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!! And then on Tuesday I have an interview with a new girl...OMG, I have not been blogging here very much because I have been consumed with my other work blog....oh yea and consumed with work:) which is a good thing! Here you can visit it and feel free to leave me comments....I NEVER get any there...real bloggers aren't really visiting's more of a marketing thing....which honestly, WOW, if you have a business, write all about works sooo well!!! okay back to my itinerary....Tuesday I have a play to see...the Producers...can't wait...Wednesday dinner with the girls from work hopefully, Thursday another play...(I think I'm in heaven) that one is Beauty and the beast...Friday pack my little bag...and leave for the train station bright and early on Saturday...although I may try to leave early...friday..who knows....

Everything else is hunky dorey....I do believe I will be divorced very soon...prayers please, it's only been 5 years!! In August it will be 4 years for the frog and I:) Who knows, maybe there will be a wedding soon:)

Life is flying by, the kids are growing like weeds...Pickles is growing weeds under his armpit, we lost count last year, but he has a forest of hairs under there;) only a few scraped knees and tick bite, but no lyme disease, Cheese is already getting taller and wiser, but still with that cute toothy grin:) a dog that got his teeth whitened, and one frog that jumped out of the tank and took a hop, then realized he was in fact a water frog, so he was dried up by the time we found him...(God bless Phillipe the froggy) and all in all life is awesome...the business is excellent...the girls I have are all amazing...I/We are sooo blessed! Thank you to the universe...Our lives are wonderful!

I probably will only post monthly...If I can even do that...I may return, but trust me I am out there reading and keeping up with all of you! Keep writing, I would miss you all dearly:) and please if you want to see what is going on at the shop, visit Bijou! I've got some good music there:)


At October 27, 2008, Anonymous Sabrina said...

I've always wanted to take a trip just like this!


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