Wednesday, August 16, 2006

two more days... by Thomas

Last Year, was the first year, as far as I can remember that I didnt get to go to the ocean... Till I moved to Canada, I was spending every weekend from April to November by the Ocean... October 2004 was the last time I saw the Ocean, and that is just way TOO long. I love swimming in the waves, see the underwater streams... I bathed in the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, as well as the tasman sea...and eventhough I got to bath in lakes last year, nothing replaces salt water...

So as Kim mentioned it, we are going to the Ocean for a week...TWO MORE DAYS LEFT... and I just cannot concentrate at work...two more days, two more days woooooooohoooo...

Sorry for that lame post but I am way too excited

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Our new house,

and fun ways my 12 year old niece likes to torture Cheese, well it was her b'day afterall and he was willing:)

Here they are, off to Oma & Opa's!! The stewardess I'm sure won't forget these guys. The whole plane won't in fact, I'm sure!

The belated camp photos:) When we arrived, the french flag was flying (for the final of worldcup) we thought we were dreaming. There were french students there in the kitchen for the summer, they were from Lille, France:)

100th post and oodles of other news!!!! kim

Well this is my 100th post, I can't believe it, and although I have not posted regularly over the summer (now really, who can blame me) I still am thouroghly enjoying this little blogging community! Although I am not posting...I am definately keeping up with all of your posts! And it seems that everyone as well has been VERY busy!

Here is what is happening in our little tiny household!

The kids loved camp, only Cheese had the stomach bug for one day and threw up all over, I picked him up for the day and he begged to go back the next day, so that I guess speaks volumes for how much he enjoyed it!

My dear lovely frenchman, the love of my life, is knocking the socks off his coworkers and bosses at his new job. That totally does not surprise me though, as I know very well how freakin wonderful he is in everything he does! Now only if he could get a job here...aaah life would be perfect!!

My new job is awesome! Did I say awesome? It's freaking amazing! Not only am I finally making money, I love all my new clients I am getting, quite a few old clients have come back since I am in town, but I also love, love the 2 girls I work with! I can't stop pinching myself!! Although I am working alot, and so far the kids have been away, with camp and their visit to Chicago and other grandparents house, I'm beginning to balance things out! Life finally seems to be getting smoother!

Our other news is.........We are moving on up...not to a deluxe apartment in the sky, but to a beautiful old victorian up the lake. Not only will we have blessed lake rights to swim in our beautiful lake anytime we wish, but we have a washer and dryer, (praise the Lord) a dishwasher, (I thought Pickles was going to cry for joy when I told him) but we have oodles of space, at least 3 times as much and the biggest yard for little Ticky to run his little dog legs all he wants!

Oh yes, and in the middle of moving, which will be September 2nd, we will also be taking a wonderful camping trip to the coast of Maine. Well's beach here we come!! We have been packing and planning and purchasing for weeks and on August 18th we leave, come back around the 24th, pack the house and try to move by the 1st and 2nd.

Hope everyone keeps enjoying their summer, and I hope everyone is blessed as I feel, and if you are not...please try to remember, that sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better...things happen for a reason...I know they are cliches, but just withstand the heat and good things will least that is what happened with us:)

Saturday, August 05, 2006's summer

For the ones wondering why we arent blogging, the reason is simple... It is summer and spending most of our time outside, and being busy preparing our camping trip to the ocean.