Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I feel.....

I do feeel Lush!! Well actually I feel sometimes, like a KID in GROWN UP clothing! Is that so wrong??
I had seen these products in a magazine once...The colors grabbed me...I dreamt of them for months...But gave up, since we had no stores that sold them near me..yeah yeah I know, I could have ordered them online...BUT I am a toucher, I want to touch and smell and feel them first:)
WELL...On our dream vacation..the topping on the sundae, was that at the airport in Orlando...As we were walking, and I was spinning with all the new things we had experienced...the turqouise waters...the colorful fish...getting along with my Mum:) We stumbled across my first real live LUSH store...I really wanted to stay and work there...OR better yet..start a franchise of one...But after talking to them and them learning that they don't franchise..boohooo..I settled on my bath bomb 4 pak!

1 for each of us:)

I just got out of the tub, my wonderful huge tub, that is very long (I dunno how I ever got so lucky:) But it is ooooh so cozy. Playing with my bath water was very citrusy smelling and with tiny shimmering glitter......I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven if I had a ROCHER SUCHARD in my hand:) (hint, hint, b'day coming soon:)

When I think of the little things that please me...I'm happy..cause I know..I will have a very full life:) I don't need a lot..just my love's (my 3 guys:) my puppy:) the family I love:) the friends I love:)...ahhhh life is goood....

Now really you should all get some bath bombes...because I feel great! AND silky smooth and very shimmery....

Oh yes, and I am also reading...about half way through...THE SECRET. Great book, everyone should read it!

Flickr??'d you do it?

Okay I have tried for days to figure this out...(maybe not days.....) So I need your help!

It will probably be such a....DOHHHHH! Moment, when I find out how simple it is...afterall, so many people have their flickrclickonmetoseethepictures thingies all over this blogosphere...but me? No I can't figure it out! GRRRR!

Thanks all!

Oh yes, and before bed last night...I had sooo many things to blog about...but I forgot, sorry, couldn't have been that interesting, huh??

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Finally, the whole story!

So after seeing Cheese off to school, and even telling him while I was getting him dressed..."How about I put your tropical shirt on, and when I pick you up from school..I will take you on a tropical adventure!?"

After he got on the bus, I started everything that I needed to do...Packing, cleaning, etc...I had a list a mile long and just kept checking things off.

Finally Pickles called and said that his activity period was cancelled and I needed to pick him up a half hour early..perfect! But I would need to speed things up! I needed to make a stop at the bank, post office and the pharmacy, oh and to drop off the dog! I am usually running late...but when I looked at the said 2:19...I was only 1 minute off...wooo hooo!

I picked him up, told him we were getting Cheese...and he wondered why we were getting him early?? I went in to get Cheese and told him there was a surprise! He got into the car..looked in the back of the van and said.."Well we're going someplace, cause I see luggage!" So I told them, my spiehl...Oma really missed them, she made Opa get on the computer and get tickets to go see her...They screamed...."We're going to CHICAGO!!!!" (my plan was working!!)

At the airport..I had post it notes in the travel documents that said...'these two cute boys do not know they are going to Disney..please wish them a safe trip to Chicago'...Everyone went along and it was easy to fool them with their cooperation!

At one point..Pickles, looking at his bording pass...said, hey we go to JFK and then to Orlando! Maybe we will get stuck there...and I said..Well if they offer us free tickets to give up our tickets, I will take them, just to have one day in the sun...Cheese screamed..NOOOOO! I want to go to Chicago! Pickles did ask why it showed we stopped at Orlando, and I simply said...Well duh! If they had more than two connections on a ticket, things would get very confusing for the airports! So I informed him that we would land in Orlando, and get our baggage and have to go to another ticket counter to get the next leg of the trip. He totally thought that was soo logical!

As the airplane landed, I called my mom and said.."Hey I'm not sure where the next ticket counter is, Opa never gave me the information for that" and she then told me where she was waiting..right by our baggage claim.

We took the tram to the baggage claim, I got my camcorder out..and we walked straight for my Mother:) The kids almost walked right past her! They finally saw her, and you'll never guess what Pickles said!! "Oma did you come all the way down here to fly with us to Chicago??" and she said.."Noooo, I have luggage with me!" And Pickles said, "OMG, we're going to Disney World!" and we said, "Nope!" They were really confused at that point! So I had my mom tell them and they were speechless!

The rest of the trip was wonderful! I definately would do some things differently next time. We stayed for our pre-night all the way out near Universal studios at a Hyatt..for anyone ever planning one of these trips...It is essential to stay at the airport Hyatt...although it is $250 a night and the other hotel was $150..we payed $50 each way for a cab fares and it was way to inconvenient! It really pays to just go through Disney for all the reservations, rather than a travel agent, the trip was quite choppy before and after...but everything Disney related, as far as for the cruise was a dream!!

And 3 days was perfect..I don't think I could have stood for any more food and glutony...we all felt really overindulged and in need of detox after the trip! Just for the food just felt like, since the trip was so short and may never happen should just try a bit of everything! We had the best time, it was a memory to never be forgotten! The nicest part...was travelling with my Mum once again! Her and I took many spring break trips together. We made a pact that we would try to do a spring break trip with the kids as often as we could!

When we got back, my Father saw the 264 pictures, and exclaimed..."You guys had way too much fun...I'm going next time!" They have been scouring the internet and travel agencies for our next year trip! I'm trying to convince them to just take a land trip to the Carribean or someplace tropical...because the kids really loved the most...snorkeling and beach activities!!

So if anyone has any suggestions about their favorite tropical vacations..please give me some tips:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just a few photos, then after I unpack, I will blog more about kim

The Pirate night dessert buffet.
The actual ship from the movie!
Our room surprises..every night, a new animal and chocolates on our bed, with other surprises hidden around!

So I will do this quickly:) I still have soo much unpacking to do, but I would like to share some of our pictures...we had the time of our life...the new experiences and adventures will stay with us we just are dying to share those new experiences with the frog next time!

This was our second night...we had a pirate of the carribean party...and let me tell was spectacular!! There was Micky and Captain Sparrow coming down a zip line and then BOOOM! Fireworks right on the top deck...then you could sit outside and watch the pirate movie...the music was contagious..and everyone, young and old were dancing!THis was our Nassau excursion...and I would not trade this day for anything..just to see them soo excited at each new beautiful fish...we could have stayed out there all day! We saw every fish imaginable and every color you could dream of!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Only one more kim

Okay, so blogging is almost non-existent for me, but really, my excuse that I will be using for today is: I could not log on with my new stupid google account..Really why did they change it?? Why do people change things that are not in fact broken??? I couldn't even leave comments, only on type pad or other bloggers.

Well anyway, that is my excuse, and yes, I know it is a bad one, because once I sat down and tried more than just once...hehe, it worked:)

So, tomorrow is the big day...The big day for the boys! They have no clue we are going on a Disney cruise!! And I have been fantasizing about how I want the day to go:) Well first let me tell you how oblivious these two kids of mine are...I have been shopping for summer clothes for them for 1 month...I have bought sandals, swimsuits, spring coats, shorts, etc...and made them try them all on...only once did Cheese say..."Tell me again, why I am trying on swimsuits in the middle of winter?" to which I replied "Well, duh, don't you see everywhere we go...SALE SALE SALE...This is the time when smart people buy their summer clothes, when all the sales are on!" and you see, because they see the signs for SALES, they believe me!! Nevermind that they are sales on winter items, they are boys, they don't notice!!!

I will pick them up from school at 3pm. I will tell them, "I have a surprise for you, we are not going home, Oma really misses you, and she made Opa get on the computer and get airline tickets to come see her!!" (she lives in Chicago, so based on the last month of boy oblivion, I am pretty damn sure, they will think we are flying to Chi-town!)

We take a connecting flight to JFK first, so when they ask, why we are going there...I will say, we have a lot of connecting flights...the next one is Orlando and then we see Oma!! It is just how it is, I will explain, getting tickets at the last minute, you have to take lots of connecting flights!! Trust me, they will believe me, and actually I am not lying at all...My mom will be there in Orlando waiting for us off the flight, so we will go to Orlando and then to see Oma!!

I have a pretty busy day Wednesday, I have to take the dog to get groomed, get a pedicure, get a massage and pack...oh yeah, and run through the house to pick it up, so we come home to a clean house...No problem I have all day:)

I may ask my good friend to be a guest blogger, she is really creative and already has a blog in this area for a local city internet page. I will see her tomorrow for my massage:) she is my friend the massage therapist, who uses crystals on my back to make it feel better:) Yes, I will ask her to do this, she'll probably blog way more than I have been lately and as a bonus, she is way more interesting in her theories (not that I have any theories at all on this blog, that is the frog with the theories, me I am just fluff!;) than I am! Now if I could just get someone to clean my house, I'd be really happy:)