Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This Christmas tradition changed our lives:)

Something you WANT,
Something you NEED,
Something to WEAR,
and something to READ.

4 gifts, thats it...the first year i thought they would die when they woke up, i thought they would think he hadn't come...i almost walked over to the all night store and bought some chex mix to wrap....i was sooo sad....BUT...
The kids woke up...and they were soooo happy and they can tell you everything from that point (3 years ago) what they got each year!!

Now, they plan their lists they sometimes have a couple ideas in each category, or maybe just one, it depends...But they love talking about it together..."what do you want for your something you need...well i "need" a bike, (you know it gets me places) or I NEED a I WANT a guitar, but NEED lessons!"

They sooo don't NEED "stuff", Christmas has more meaning and each year it gets better...It's fun to really think about what they get, instead of just playing the packing in the presents game.