Saturday, April 29, 2006

Scary hair...of kim and anonymous friend

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jilly Bean, big hair and tight tapered jeans. kim (why is it always me posting these days, huh? Thomas??;)

Since this has been a week of reminiscing, first my sister, then my kiddy friend, Christina (Hi Chris:). Now my best friend from high school, my partner in crime from the 80's, with matching big blonde hair and benetton sweaters has re-entered my life, after 2 way too long years! I've kept up with her through my mom, who is her surrogate mom, and I have missed her dearly! Life is just going way too fast!

Right now I can see her face, she is reading this with her mouth open, thinking don't you dare kimberly frances! Don't you worry Jillybeans, I won't tell THOSE stories:):) I will just tell how wonderful of a friend you have always been and how cool beans I think you are:) So continue to read, don't be scared! And if you send me pictures of the kids, I will not post them on the internet:) Don't worry!! Such a worrier you are:) (I know, I give you good reason to worry)

So let me start by saying, we had really cool hair in High school, yeah it was BIG, no seriously, it made us like 4 inches taller than we were!!! Maybe I can post a picture of our big hair, we'll see if she leaves me a comment with authorization! Paul Mitchell hairspray was our spray of choice, the stuff attracting the bee's, yeah that was good!

Our clothes, ahhh weren't they great! Guess, Benetton, Limited, Outback Red, Camp Beverly Hills, Espirit..they were our friends:) Tapered jeans, as tight as we could stand it, breathe? who needs to breathe?? (and if the other needed help pulling the zipper, what were friends for, just lay down, hook a hanger in the zipper part, stand behind the person and pull!!! Yeah stretch jeans would have been really helpful for us:) We needed the biggest sweatshirt we could find,(we were sooo thin, why the heck did we want those BIG sweatshirts again??) I loved my jean skirts with black or pink leggings and Ked's or ballet flats, you liked the riding pants and cream colored sweater with the tall riding boots. (okay maybe you only wore it once or twice, but I had to compensate for my ridiculous admittance of my outfit:)

How many times did we wear those big giant bows for barrettes in our hair, pulling the sides up on top of our heads just behind our giant bangs and pulling to make it really nice and poofy, we had a great technique for doing our hair....Blow drying upside down till nice and big and pooofy, then taking the sides (while still upside down) and popping up really quick, (the trick was in the popping up really dramatically, that was what made it extra great) and spraying the heck out of it!! (where I work, we put glitter in the little girls hair after they get a style done, wouldn't that have been really great, to use glitter on our hair, hehehehe;)

How about Gym class, we were the most uncoordinated, dodging the balls, screaming and screeching, but we looked cute, with our shorts, and sweats under them, well maybe we thought we looked cute, I don't want to see a pic, I'll just remember we thought we were making a fashion statement. We were excellent at kickball, or was that tennis? Running, (NOT) Dancing? Ah yes, we were Queens of the dance floor, welcome to the jungle was a great song to dance to, and it was a chance to make our hair really shake:) Yes, I know, we were a little crazy, just a little:)

Yeah those were the good old days, days we dreamed of having our apartment together, we went and bought all those dishes and plates together, matching, 4 each, you know since we were going to be living together, I still have those plates, I love them! How old were we, 17? Buying a whole set of dishes, napkins and placemats, haha!

You were my best friend! I love our memories, you always made me laugh, you always bring so much joy and happiness just talking to you! You have the most unbelievable energy and spirit! You are great!! I hope we can all camp together this summer, that would be fun fun fun!

My frog is coming this weekend, so you can be sure to have your post on joie de vivre! I will make him do it, even if I must torture him! :) wait now, that's not much joie de vivre, is it? Okay, I will give him lots of sweets and caressing, so he will do it, then if that doesn't work, I'll go with the torture, hey a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All for the love of chocolate cake!! kim


While in Montreal a few times ago, we played a trick on Cheese! (I know, some think we are evil cruel parents, but it is so entertaining:)

We were eating at the famous Celine Dion restaurant, Nickles. Both boys had ordered and were eyeing the giant chocolate cake, I mean GIANT!! We made them a deal that we could all share a slice, if they could keep all food off of their shirts! Easy feat for Cheese, perhaps, but almost impossible for Pickles!

After the first bite, Pickles had a splash of something on his shirt, but being the forgiving parents we are, (muahhahahah) and taking into consideration how difficult this challenge actually was (oh, yeah and we also wanted the chocolate cake) we made provisions to the deal. If they dropped something or made a mess, they could take away the mistake by eating a bite of coleslaw. To them that was torture, and quite frankly, as much as I love coleslaw, this was not the best slaw I had tasted, it was pretty bad!

So the whole dinner, Pickles had to keep taking bites of redeeming coleslaw and Cheese only had to have maybe one bite, we were all having such a good time, and the kids really did have fun with the challenge! Now, Cheese is the slowest, neatest, eater there is. For a 6 year old, he takes small bite, puts his fork down, takes his napkins, dabs his mouth, and repeats. Pickles takes forkfulls, avoiding cutting if possible, and missing his mouth frequently, saving the wiping for last!

At the very end, the coleslaw was taken, and Cheese had one bite left, which unfortunately fell right on his shirt! Hahahah, he said, the coleslaw is gone! Well we told him, we have to be fair, so you have to do something now, what will that be? Oh yes, you must tell the waitress, Thank you very much, in your very best French! EASY! He said.....

So the frog says...(the evil, child torturing frog) you must say..."Je voudrais un bisou"!!! And so Cheese, accepted and was fervently practicing, and each time the waitress was coming he was trying and nope, too nervous! So after the 3rd try, he finally got it out!! Success, oh we was sooooo HAPPY! UNTIL, she said "un bisou?" and he said "yes" and so she did, and his face, the proudness, until her lips touched his cheek...OOOOhhhh I don't think I ever have seen this little guy with steam coming out of his ears like we did!!! The cake came and he was almost too mad to even eat it! And wanted the same to happen to his brother!!


This pictures following are from the 3rd time we played this joke on them, suckers!! I actually think they like it! Chase learned this time to say, "Je voudrais une bisou pour mon frere" Which happily for him gave him the desired result that he has hoped for a long time, and then she told him, "If i give one to your brother, I must give one to you too"


We should expect to pay someday, I know this! We won't know when, or where, but someday it will all be coming back to us again!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Calling everyone with a creative bone in their body, or kim

This email was from my friend who has written a book about names, she is very good, check out her website, its interesting enough. She asked for my help, and to ask anyone else out there for help, so here I am, please comment and get your creative juices flowing!! Thank you in advance!

Here was her email:

Hi There Kim .. you know everyone .. and you've got great ideas .. so i'm hoping you can give me your opinion .. here's the email i'm sending out ..

I’m emailing a bunch of friends to get their feedback on a sub-title I’m trying to come up with; feel free to forward the email to anyone in your email network; the more feedback I get, the better grasp I’ll have for what works and what doesn’t .. okay .. so for anyone who doesn’t know about my first “You’re Such A Dave” book; essentially it’s a book that profiles a person’s personality based on knowing their name .. for more info I’m at Anyway; the reason for this email is because I’m finally ready to publish my next book and I want to use the catchiest sub-title possible that most piques your interest and would make you want to read more .. so if you could take a moment and read the 5 sub-titles I’ve narrowed it down to .. which sub-title works for you??? My email is

p.s. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for all of your help and feedback! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! I hope you have a GREAT rest of the day! Kerrin

1) You're Such A Dave .. Breaking The Name Code To Create Wealth, Love & Happiness In Your Life

2) You're Such A Dave .. Breaking The Name Code - A Guide To Create Success, Love & Happiness In Your Life

3) You’re Such A Dave .. Breaking The Name Code – A Guide To Having Success, Love & Happiness

4) You’re Such A Dave .. How The Key To Success, Love & Happiness Is Within Your Name

5) You're Such A Dave .. How Your Name Affects Your Life, Relationships & Happiness

Genesis 1.1... by Thomas

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"...

And then he created the spaghetti squash.

As Everybody knows, when europeans discovered the Americas, they brought plenty of treasures back to their countries. So many good things like cocoa beans which we invented the chocolate with, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, capsicum, beans..and sooo many spices. Yummy. But then, I arrived in Americas. Like Jacques Cartier, I travelled from France, across the Atlantic, up the Saint Laurent to discover Montreal (well I was in the plane though). I discovered the Natives (well mine were more from germany than indians but well) who cooked for me...the spaghetti squash. I so loved it, but why dont we have this in France??????

You darn European explorers, why didnt you bring back that veggie to Europe?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Catch a falling kim

So yesterday I was very sad, it affected me all day! I guess I've gotten over that slump:)

When I got home from work, I read an email, from my first best friend, the one who I just assumed would always be a stones throw away.

The day I met Christina, we were on the kindergarten bus coming home, my family had just moved from Germany, and while our house was getting ready to move in, we were living in an orange VW eurovan, due to delays in the closing, I would have to start my first day of kindergarten with my mom driving me to school, and then I would come home on the bus to my new house!

My first cloudy memory of her:

I was sitting next to this little girl, we were talking and I was telling her that I was moving into my new house, when we got to my stop, she was getting off too, I told her it was that house, and she said "NO! You are not! That is my friends house, they live there, so you can't" (me being even more naive than I am now) said, "Oh, then its the blue house, I always wanted a blue house", she spun on her heels and walked to her house. My mom came to get me, as I was walking to the door of the blue house, and said "No it's this house, the brick one" I told her that it couldn't be that house cause the little girl with brown hair told me so.

She got over it, very quickly! :)

We began our friendship when I was 5. Our houses were about 15 feet apart. We could yell from our kitchens, and hear eachother. Her window was right by my front door, when I would come home from vacations, I would throw rocks at her window, to tell her I was home. I moved away when I was in 9th grade, we saw eachother a few times, and after High school a few times, but NOT enough. She is the person I share my childhood memories with. I think the last time I saw her was when I was 24, its been 10 years. Too long!!

She was online, on my b'day, to wish me a Happy Birthday. We reminisced and decided it was too long since we had seen eachother. She had been in an accident, a drunk driver hit her and 2 other cars. There was a car first, then her car, then a suburban all at a stop, 1/2 mile from her home, the drunk driver was going 55mph and slammed into them, the suburban ended up in her trunk. Thankfully she is okay and when the driver was dramatically falling out of his car, and looking to her for sympathy, she was calling 911 and helping the girl in the suburban who was 4 months pregnant, she looked at the guy and told him to F-OFF!! At that moment, I realized, I don't know the adult Christina, I only know the 5-14 year old Christina! Life is too short, I need to know her now, I want to see her now! We are trying to get a visit going, I cannot wait!

Oh the things we did, here are some of my most treasured memories of her and I:

We would start our day from the moment we woke up to the moment before we went to bed
We spent a lot of time waiting for the ice cream truck. Good humor was our friend!
We rollerskated more miles than you can imagine. Sometimes my giant newfoundland would pull us all over on our skates, we were excellent skaters!
We walked all the dogs on the block.

We learned how to ride bikes together, and then took off everywhere.
We would have sleepovers and stay up and sneak around the house with glow in the dark lego's.
We would make "fudge" out of nestle quick and water. (Don't worry, I have much better chocolate for us to have now)
We learned to swim together in my pool, we would moon the planes that flew over.
We thought we would grow up to be synchronized swimmer's.
We trick or treated every Halloween together.
We used to sell cards and wrapping paper so we could save enough for the backyard tent.
We played many hours and calloused our palms on my monkey bars.
We were charter members of our club, "The leather ladies" (until we found out it was vinyl hanging all over our fort!)
We played so many Barbies together, I think I had all the barbies, I just made her play.
We also made forts under my pool table.
We played green army men on top of the pool table.
We would take her closet apart and find all sorts of treasures and organize it again.
We would have a garage sale many summers.
We had matching real antique gum ball machines.
We went to a haunted house, and on the way there in her dad's truck we were singing, she told me not to sing, because I really sang bad. (thanks, I still don't sing in public anymore, but loudly in my car with only me and the kids:)
We went to santa's village together.
We would walk to the White Hen Pantry many a days, to get candy, laffy taffy, nerds, sweetarts, watchamacallit, and many more.
We would watch falling stars every summer, on her front porch or mine, talking about everything, the subject changing every year we got older. The last time I remember being 14 and talking about BOYS! We never did see a falling star, but at the time, we swore we did!
We always seemed to like boys in pairs. Steve and Joey, Bart and Kari, ooh that is all I can remember.
We did a dance, that my sister choreographed, with Pink silky shorts and tank and purple pom poms to the music of Dolly Parton, she's working 9-5. It was great!
We did Gymnastics every summer afternoon, with our boom boxes, making up dance routines.
We always had a snack of popcorn or pretzels or cheetoes on the front porch meant for star gazing. One summer, we tried to smoke cheetos (note: smoking cheetoes is not the best idea we ever had)
We would raid her grape vines and make wine. (or so we thought it was wine, it had a lot of sugar, we did not use our feet! When you come, we'll have real wine together:)
We made plenty of outdoor stews, mixing everything we could together to pretend we were cooking.
We got our first perms together, 3 hours of waiting and poof, we looked like blonde and brown haired poodle's, my dad told her so, and she ran home crying, he had to apologize to her, to get her to come back over. (after she got over that, we were water toting, pick carrying buddies again.
We both convinced our parents to send us to private school, just because we heard they had better lunches than public school. (on the first day of school, the big great dane at our bus stop that we loved to visit with, lifted his leg on her and mistook her for a tree,) (sorry Chris I had to tell:)
We both hated the school and wanted to go back to public school, but our parents decided we had to stick with it.
We took ballet together when we were 6, our teacher was always acting really funny, apparently she was drunk, ha!
When we got older, she was playing with the boys, playing catch and kiss. (no way, not me, I hate boys, 1 year later, can I please join the games now?)
We played alot of Truth and dare, we were there for our first truth or dare kisses (not real kisses though, we were only 11 or 12)
We often had different friends, but had a hard time all playing together, we did alot of the "typical girl" things, like fighting over who was better friends and stuff, we wasted too much time on that.
We would make plans for the house we would live in together, and all the animals we would have, we drew out drawing of our house and made a list of the types of dogs and animals we would have.
We saw our first rated R movie together, when we were 13, it was Purple Rain, my dad paid some couple on their first date to go in with us and watch the movie with us. ( yeah, Chris, can you imagine??)
We celebrated many new years together.
We called eachother every morning for Christmas to see what the other got. Every Christmas, to this day, I still remember that!

Boy we did a lot!

Her and I had our rough times too, or my mother would say, we fought like sisters! She would have me over at her house, and take a soda for herself or an ice cream and of course, I would ask for one too, and she would reply "It's the last one" or "I don't want to waste them" (well she was an only child after all;) I had enough of that, and while we were babysitting her, I convinced her to try some dog food. "It's really good, I just ate a whole bunch, trust me, it's delicious" (haha, revenge was sweet, and did I mention I could sell ice to an Eskimo?) She took my bait and ate it, then started choking and spitting, and begging for water (her house was locked up) and I told her "Naaaah, I don't want to waste our water!!!" She threw up, and I was in deep sheiss!

How is it that for the first half of your life, you don't have a day that you don't talk to this person and she is the most important person in your life, and then life happens and keeps going and if you don't nurture it, it is gone. We have already lost half of our other lives together. We no longer know eachother like the back of our hands, we no longer know what the other is thinking or what the other one would like. We need to get to know eachother. We will get to know eachother, I can't wait.

I gave her this blog address. She comes here! Everyone meet Christina, Christina, meet everyone!
Say "Hi Christina". (I expect you to leave a comment and say hi this time!:) (just use the one marked "other")
She sent me the most wonderful email, and now I realize, she is the sister I always wanted! We have alot of time to make up for!

We did so much in 10 years, and now almost 20 more years have gone by, and we only have those memories, we must make new ones!

The next time I see a falling star, I will wish for that:)

My memememememe from Kimmie @ traveler one

I AM: as naive as they come
I WANT: to change the world, or at least make some people happy
I WISH: life wasn't so complicated at times (my other wish is that the frog could find a job in USA:)
I HATE: people who are fake, who have two sides to them, the real side and the one they present to people
I MISS: my sister
I FEAR: a catastrophe that would separate me from those I love (that was the other kimmies, but scouts honor, that is mine too)
I HEAR: my dog snoring and snorting
I WONDER: what it would be like to live in France
I REGRET: not having the french's way of minding your own business
I AM NOT: good at confrontation, although I am improving
I DANCE: like the daily dancer, haha just kidding! I dance like an 80's girl ;)
I SING: only when no one can hear me, and I sing loudly (that's because my best friend when I was 8, told me, "you're not a very good singer, stop singing" I never sang again in front of anyone, I'm probably not that bad, she was a stinker;)
I CRY: at certain times of the month very easily
I AM NOT ALWAYS: secure with myself, I tend to think I don't deserve happiness, I haven't done enough good in my life to get it.
I MAKE: Great handpainted furniture (well I may be the only one who thinks it's great, it was my therapy during my divorce:)
I WRITE: about everything and nothing! (mostly nothing)
I CONFUSE: the names of my kids sometimes with the names of the animals.."come here, ticky, i mean pickles, i mean dash, i mean cheese!!"
I NEED: to be loved dearly and appreciated
I SHOULD: be more organized and exersize more
I START: a lot of stories, then get lost on tangens, I am the queen of tangens, it's painful for others at times:)
I FINISH: the day with a kiss to my two little favorite boys:) and sometimes more kisses to my frog when he is here!

I enjoyed this meme, it was different:)

I guess I'll tag a couple of people, hmmm. lets see I tag, Expat traveler, Florida to France, Sam de bretagne, Wendy from piece by piece and Corey from Tongue in cheek antiques. Please don't feel obligated to do it, just if you want:)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My big kim

I saw my big sister today, she is beautiful, smart, and a gifted artist, we were about 2 feet from eachother at the grocery store. She was talking to Cheese, she loves him I think.

I moved out here to have a better relationship with her. That was about 9 years ago. For 5 years it was pretty decent, about 4 years ago, her and I had a huge falling out. Now when we see eachother, we pretend we don't see eachother. This kills me.

A bit of history:

My sister is 10 years older than me.
I don't think she was too happy that I was born.
I was born, during a time when my parents were having a hard time in their marriage.
After me it got a little better, maybe for 2 years.
My sister was in junior high during those really bad times.
We lived in Germany those years and she had no supervision, and apparently had to babysit alot.
I adore my sister, I always wanted her to adore me as much.
I killed her guppies with perfume when I was 4, they smelled I said, she was so mad!
When we moved back to the states, my sister was used to being on her own, when we moved back to the states, there were rules, she rebelled, big time!
I was 6 when she ran away from home. I cried every day and wrote notes in her yearbook that she left behind, she still has those, and she just showed her daughter how I had done that.
She used to go to the neighbors and babysit, I would sneak over.
She told me as adults, that she was the one that raised me, she did all the work, she lost her childhood because of me, I don't remember it that way at all. (peoples perception are different in some situations)
She hated babysitting for me, and she let me know it.
My sister is not the warm cuddly type, but I somehow knew she loved me.
She made all my Halloween costumes, wonderwoman, statue of liberty, a leopard, a fancy ballerina and a cowgirl.
She always was the one who put on my birthday parties for me.
She moved back when I was around 7. I was so happy. She had no time for me, and I really annoyed her, getting in her high heels and prom dresses.
She got pregnant when she was 19, she moved out again, I think she moved out when she was 18 too, she was always leaving and coming.
I was so happy when she had my nephew, there was 10 years difference between him and me.
I babysat and visited her anytime I could have the chance.
When my nephew was 2, she left her husband, I think she had an affair.
She moved back home, I was so happy.
She moved out about 4 months later, with a guy (when she told me about him, she said "Kimmie, he has a boat, 2 motorcycles, his own house, he's an engineer!"), she married him and moved to TN, then NY.
During that time, I got pregnant, out of wedlock, just like her, she thought my parents would be so disappointed in me, they supported me. They supported her too, but she didn't see that. I was spoiled, they liked me better, she thought.
I started beauty school, instead of going to college.
My mother said to my sister, "Kimberly wants to go to beauty school, can you see that, she should be a teacher, she's great with kids", my sister said, "I actually can see that, she should go for it, she'd be great", my mom said "Oh, so we should support her in this decision?" my sister said "YES!"
I was so grateful for her support.
She became a teacher, I was so proud of her!!
My parents and I are very close, they drive me nuts all the time, but we have a special bond.
When my sister was graduating with a masters (she's brilliant and gifted, very smart, btw) she said, "I have a masters degree in chemistry, and you have this little 2 year degree, and they are more impressed with you, I don't get it!" I felt terrible!
My mom and her, have always butted heads, they barely talk at all. For 3 years nothing at all, and now just in the past year, they have some conversations.
My brother in law and her stayed married for about 15 years, they had one daughter, after Pickles, the two of them are great cousins.
She was very happy that she gave my Father the first granddaughter, she mentioned she hoped she would probably be the only one to give him a girl, but then my brother had his daughter, she was disappointed again.
She left my brother in law, she had an affair. It was the second one she had on him, possibly the 3rd.
She didn't tell any of us that she was having an affair, she lied, said she just needed to be happy, I didn't blame her, my brother in law was working and traveling 70% of the time.
I found out she was having an affair, when we were supposed to have a "sisters weekend" I was so excited to finally have this relationship I dreamt about!!
Then she told me, she had "hired" a guide, me being naive, asked how much it cost?
When she told me about "him" she said "Kimmie, he is a stockbroker, he already has a rolex picked out for me, he will keep a mercedes SUV up here for us, and he has a trip to Bermuda planned." (He never had any of those things, and consequently moved up here, and didn't work for 2 years, no job, no car, no rolex, she got screwed!
My sister would cut her nose off despite her face!!
We met "him" I was okay with it, at first, then things got really sketchy.
It will be just easier to say, I did not have a good impression of him.
Normally I love everyone, I see the good in everyone.
My mother guessed it, she asked me, did you guys meet up with someone in NYC, I said NO!
She said, not someone who worked on wall street? I caved, I needed the burden off of me.
My mother told my brother in law.
My sister flipped, I betrayed her.
My brother in law and I are pretty close. I get to see my niece through him.
More stuff happened, things only got worse.
There is so much more to the story, but it is irrelevant right now.
After all that, she has done some really awful things to me, to get me back, If I told you all of it, you would be shocked and amazed at the spitefullness. Maybe some other day, this is too much for me now.

It has been 4 years, she is married to the guy, she is not the same sister I knew, she doesn't have that beautiful glow, she looks hardened.

She dropped my nephew like a hot potato, his first year of college, he had to drop out, he lived with me for the next year, he is my savior, we helped eachother out more than either of us will ever realize. I adore him, I'm like his big sister, he says!

She sees Cheese, (my mom says, that cheese is the spitting image of my personality when I was a kid, in her opinion, she says my sister sees that and wants to be around him, I'm just glad he is able to know her, I think she thinks it pisses me off, but in actuality, I am very happy about it) she does not see much of Pickles, she for some reason has always been really cold to him and tough on him. Pickles is a favorite of my mom and dad, once again, something I did, took the luster out of something she had, or something like that.

Part of me realizes why she has had issues with infidelity, she saw alot of my mom and dad's problems. I mean alot!!
Part of me sees why she resents me, life was good before I was born. I came along and ruined it all. She would have liked to been an only child, she said that all the time!
I cry every time I see her, and seeing the movie "In her shoes" threw me right over the edge, I cried for days.
We are both stubborn people. We are German, dont'cha know?
I love my big sister, just like when I was 5 looking at the beautiful 15 year old she was, and right now, I am missing her so much it hurts and I can't stop crying. I needed to blog about it, to hopefully get it out of my system. I love my big sister, but I'm not sure, I will ever have her in my life again. My heart breaks right now.

When we got back from the market, Cheese saw me crying, he wondered why. I told him, "I miss my sister", he said "then call her! Just call her!" I cannot. I wish it were that simple! I sent her an email 3 years ago, after my uncle died, telling her I loved her just like I did when I was 5. She never responded. I've always loved and needed her more, she hasn't had much need for me, I think.

The frog says, "many people really care for you, focus your love on those people, forgive your sister and we'll forget about her". That gave me an actual pain in my chest. I will not forget about her, but I forgive her. Hopefully someday time will heal and hopefully before it's too late, we can stop pretending we don't see eachother.

I'm a big girl now, I should be able to handle this, right? Tell me it will get easier with time, right? Everything happens for a reason, right?

Spelling with Flickr, compliments of Pumpkin Pie!

t068SASSIiiStenciled M\Downtown Alive 17Mar06 17EAS12It goes to 3Exclaiming Nose

I'm so glad to be able to share with you the way I learned that "spell with flickr"! I cannot take any credit though, about a month ago, Pumpkin Pie featured it on her blog, and I thought it was so much fun, that I saved it on my bookmarks and use it to make birthday greetings or just for fun!

You just go to this site, and then type in your word or sentence, and then scroll down, and copy and paste the html code, and voila!! Easy as pie!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

S\"o\"MEOne Letter / OuntitledChipped ESOneon_o1769golden shiny typogILLlBEOUR20Brought to you by the number zeroBrought to you by the number zeroTuntitledOne Letter / VINOLA alphabet S2ITOne Letter / ORExclamation mark