Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Since last week...by kim

Oh la-la, where have I been??

I know, I bet you all really believed me when I said I was going to do all those things for myself?? I would have, as I read it now, I am super convincing...:) Too bad, the week the kids were gone, all I did was work, work and more work!! And then I had stress, stress and more stress!

Here is how things worked:

Saturday, shopping for camp, $200 and 2 hours later, all finished. We got Cheese at 6pm on Saturday, shopped from 6:30-8:30, then had to eat, found a great mexican restaurant and so reasonable! For 3 kids, and 2 adults, $27 bucks! We have officially learned how to dine for pennies!! Got home at 11pm, packed..put each days clothing into individual glad baggies (yes, a bit obsessive, but definately a must if you want to avoid all the clothes having that moldy smell...you know throwing we towels ontop of your bin does that) finished around 12:30, with boys falling asleep sitting up!

When my ex brought Cheese off, he asked when check in time was, I told him it was basically between 12-3, he asked me to call and tell him, I said "fine!" I mean seriously, he missed his son's kindergarden concert and a couple of other things, that I have blocked from my memory, I should have just said, I'm not your day planner, figure it out yourself! Well then he gave me the check for his half of the camp, except instead of giving me 1/2 of $335, he gave me $100...math must not be his strong point...apparently he called the camp and asked for the balance! So I ask you, why the heck can't he call and ask the check in time! So I figure, IF he remembers, he can call camp himself and find out the check in time!

So the next day we check in, the frog misses half of the soccer game to get them situated, even though we were begging and begging him to leave and watch the game, he would not...sigh..that is real true love and devotion! Got home and watched the game. Left around 6 to see a movie, came home to a frantic call from the ex, asking me to call him and thanks. I called the camp first to see if things were ok first, then called him. To which he hissed..."you couldn't have just fucking call me and tell me what time check in was could you??" to which I stated.."sorry, i totally forgot, and we were very busy and besides you could have called yourself!" so when I was trying to explain again..he started screaming at the top of his lungs, with every other word fucking this and that....(always good for affirmation that the decision I made 3 years ago was the right one!!!) and hung up, called back and asked if I was going to stop talking over him, I think at that point he was hearing voices, because I was too stunned to say anything, let alone hear him, as Thomas had grabbed the phone from me, so I didn't have to hear that BS..then he said (and this makes ALL the sense in the world) "BTW, Cheese is NOT going to Oma and Opa's...now this was planned and he agreed months ago. and suddenly because HE was deciding to punish me, to forbid him to go....yeah, this guy is a prize, come on girls, you want his number...haha pathetic is what he is, so after me pointing out that he was not hurting me at all, only his son, he said I was the one who hurt my son today by not telling him when check in time, funny thing was..as long as Cheeses favorite frog was there, he was the happiest little boy in the world! There is no reasoning with an unreasonable human being or whatever he is...I told him once more, you are only hurting the relationship between you and your son..he then told me something about me being the one who will be hurting when I have supervised custody....yeah..that's gonna happen...ayayayayya!

Well he is there now, so we'll see what happens, I'll pay for it, there is always payback with him! But there was noooo way I was going to make my child suffer or stress! What a conard he is!

So lets see, I worked Tuesday from 9-8, Wednesday 9am-10pm, Thursday 9-almost 10pm again, but on that day, I had a break from 1-5, with a sick camper, who puked at camp and had to come home, i think he ate too much junk food and needed some rest, so he came home for the night. Went back the next day and I worked some more, only 9-6, then picked up my froggy and the kids in the AM.

Sunday, we went to the chutes, but with so much water, it was more like the racing rapids!

Monday, bright and early I got the boys on the plane to Chicago, for 1 week, happy as clams, all ready to charm the stewardess into letting them sit in first class!

This week I have started off on the right foot, literally, I got a pedicure and manicure on Monday, did some shopping, bought some crocks, yee haw, some new skirts for dirt cheap. Tuesday I worked and at the end of the day got a great fantastic hair cut and color, the best since I have moved here, that's 10 years guys, I haven't been happy with any cut or color...So I am a happy camper, yes indeed!! I will post some pictures , but my cam is in the car, so it will have to be tomorrow!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

More scenic pictures from the camp the boys will attend!

A camping they will go, a camping they will go....

Whatever will I do?? Both boys are going to sleep a way camp and I will have all this time all to myself....


Party? Pamper myself? Stay up late, sleep in late?

Hmmmm, what will I do??

I'll hopefully get that pedicure I desperately need, I'll get that electrolysis on those 2 hairs on my chin! I will have a chance to blog a bit more, relax and read perhaps, maybe I'll talk my friend into experimenting with microdermabrasion..eeek! I may go horseback riding with another friend, I may eat chocolate cake for dinner and breakfast and lunch, if I want, I will do it!

I can do ANYTHING I want, yayayay!

Guess what I will most likely do...work, work, work! I opened my book up, book me as early as you want (not tooo early though) and book me as late as you want!!

I'll also be very busy, sending parcels everyday to camp. The mailboat, (yes, our lake has a mailboat that delivers the mail to camps aka: mansions and summer homes) leaves everyday by 10am and brings the mail to all the camps (aka. mansions and summer homes) and it also delivers mail to the camp the boys will be attending which just happens to be 10 miles straight down the lake. The mailboat leaves the docks, which are across the street from my house, so very convenient and no excuses not to send goodies to camp. In the past, I have sent fresh chocolate chip cookies or brownies, still warm. A giant container of water baloons, already filled. Popsicles and ice cream. Of course I make the first parcel, a keep yourself fresh and clean parcel, where I include about a dozen stick up deoderizers and hand sanitizers, bug bite sticks and cards for poker. Last year, I brought a little treasure box I found, filled it with crabby patties from sponge bob, and gave it to some random counselor and told them that a camper would be coming up to them and saying, something smells smelly in the the smelly smell. And then I sent Pickles an email that night (camps these days lets you send the campers emails that they give them before bed, so I can virtually tuck them in and tell them I love them) and told him he had to find the counselor with his treasure and in order to do that, he had to go up to each one and say the code...he gave up after 6 counselors and went to the loudspeaker and shouted it or something..haha!

If anyone has any good ideas for me to send them stuff, let me know! I would love the suggestions. I never went to camp as a kid, my biggest regret! So I have no idea what you need or would want, Pickles has gone for about 4 years now, but this is my little Cheese's first year, only 7, gulp! I'll be okay, don't worry and so will he, he has his big brother, so he will be just fine!

Well sorry for not blogging, I know it's not a big loss to not have my everyday posts, but for the few people that check me everyday, I appreciate your comments. Life is so busy right now, and ahem, the frog can post, he just needs some encouraging or prodding. He keeps saying, I'm going to post about that and this and that...and I'm still waiting, I can't wait till he does his culture shock post and the world cup post, which btw, watching him be soo excited when France won the other day, was sooo darned cute, he jumped all over the couches and jumped up and touched the ceiling. If only we had that passion for sports!