Monday, April 30, 2007

The little balloon that brought a lot of people!

This is funny...I had stopped monitoring my sitemeter for a while...kinda like how I stopped making frequent posts;)

But recently I looked and thought, whooo got a lot of people coming here...what is going on...So I quick thought the obvious...Hmmm...Did I mention Penis, bum, bomb or one of those other keywords that gets a lot of activity?? Noooo, It was not on a google site search...but a google image search..weird....Ahaaaa! It was From my balloons that Thomas gave me on my birthday! There are people coming from every point on the map...I am soo wishing I had my little flag site meter that I used to have:)

Some bigger blogs may laugh..cause this is a tiny number compared to some...but there are about 30+ people coming from allover and some are even reading a little tiny bit:) Now too bad they just don't leave me a comment, so I can really see who they are!

I don't care much that people read..but between you and me...Remember..I collect people!So if you want a lot of activity on your site meter and if you too collect people or countries...put some cute little balloons up...they work wonders:)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ignorant frenchies... by Thomas

Election time in France - second run will be Sego against Sarko... Tough choice for me as I am not liking sarkozy, yet as I explained myself in a previous post (and my brother-in-law working for the PS just recently comfirm I made the right choice) I refuse to give my voice to the socialist party - I guess I can vote blank (or however you say that in english)...

Am I insane I was told, how can you do that, how can you risk to have sarkozy win, you MUST vote sego... he is supporting Bush, he is LIKE Bush!!

Hold on a second, did I hear correctly, lets rewind a bit... like Bush!!!

I so love that pseudo intellectual mentality some french can have - you know somehow know-it-all, saying the most stupid thing and then trying to convince you about it. mmm How many of these morons ever visited USA, how many actually understand what Bush really is, oh wait they read only french newspapers - how could they know???

This Blog could be a personal message to my dear brother-in-law, the "attaché parlementaire" for the French socialiste party... Stop talking shit, open your eyes, talk to people from different horizons without insulting them because their views differ from yours - and above all... Use your brain before talking!!! If you cant find arguments to convince me to vote for someone, dont try to convince me to vote against someone.

Sorry for this post, I needed to vent

***NOTE: 46% of french people will vote against one of the candidates rather than for one!!! Pathetic


The great frog kim & pickles

Pickles: "Mom, I think I might know what kind of scientist I would like to be."
Mom: "You still want to invent the teleporter or something different?"
Pickles: "Well, we are disecting frogs in class, and I really think I'm interested in Biology, I think I would like to discover anti venom for jelly fish and stuff like that."
Mom: "Oh, very cool, than you can live somewhere nice and warm and we can come for long long visits."
Pickles: "Yeah and I can travel the world! I'll ask Thomas, because he was going to be a marine biologist at one time...then he had THAT awful teacher that made him change his mind...Do you think he would know us if he had become a marine biologist?"
Mom: "I don't think so! So you see, everything happens for a reason!"
Pickles: "Yeah, I think that he was sent to us, I think we needed him in our life a lot! I think that someone who is watching out for us, sent us to him! Yep that's what I think!!"

It's so funny that my 13 year old son feels this way! The exact same way that I feel about our Thomas, but never really expressed it in that way to him...He just knows!

My frog is so wonderful and special...He just made a big purchase for Pickles (please note that Frog is very frugal)...Pickles has decided to start running and coupled with the fact that his report card was excellent, he shot up in the grades this quarter...Thomas wanted to do something special for him, as he realizes that Cheese has a lot of things just for just himself at his Dad's house, but Pickles really doesn't have anything that he does not have to share or that is just his...(everything is shared in our house) So Thomas, ordered him an ipod!!! We are tracking it right now, it's coming from China!! It has his name engraved in it and honestly he will be soo psyched! Pickles is a very accepting kid, and when we say, no ipods or phones until you are ready and we will decide when that is, he basically just accepts it! Don't get me wrong, he tries the sales pitch every now and then!

I love my frog, because he puts so much thought into helping me make these little boys into good men! He is wonderful and he is ours, he was heaven sent:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The three boys that I love! kim


The next American Idol? kim

Well I always say, my son has no problem with his confidence!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

How many candles... by Thomas

Today, kim is going to blow some candles. You guys could guess how many candles will be on the cake, but let say it is more than 20... So everybody sing along



Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Niece Dana kim

She is 12...and growing so quickly...she has changed very much, this past year!Ready to let her long hair go..
Such a beautiful smile!
A brand new look...admiring herself and very happy!
No more a little girl looking at me.

Or a 10 year old with a brush stuck in underware and a towel on her head.
But a very lovely 12 year old who is growing too quickly for my taste:)

Cloches de Pâques

Look how funny the bells look, when they fly all the way from France...Apparently it is very cold here in USA, and they must dress warmly! A Canadian knit cap and a German BVB scarf, and of course I'm sure there is a t'shirt from France underneath all those warm clothes:)


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Odyssey of the Mind kim

Here is Pickles...can you tell how happy he is?? Their team has competed for 5 years, and this was their second time to compete in States...Last time was 3 years ago...And they came in 16th place...These kids work so hard and this time they finally placed 2nd!! First and Second go to world finals, which this year is in Michigan.
This is where they are all taking a bow!
Pickles is the vehicle engineer, he designed, built and ran the vehicle!
For more info on what Ootm is...go to this website! It is a great thing for kids, but not all schools are lucky enough to have it!
click on - watch video, it gives you a good idea of what the program is about!